Tools I'm Thankful For

...or: Tools for which I'm thankful; if you're a stickler for such things.

***First, disclaimer: I have been wanting Chris to write a post like this for a while. Seeing as he's pretty handy :) and now handy for a living, I thought it would be a cool post. I also want to mention that we were in no way sponsored at all for this. I just wanted him to do it because I thought it might be helpful or interesting. So, here it goes...***

Fein Multimaster, or equivalent.

First of all there's no equivalent, but I have a Makita cordless version and while it's not as powerful, it's super useful when I don't want to break out the cord. Otherwise, when power is needed, the Fein Multimaster (I have the 350Q) is one of those tools that solves a ton of problems. Sometimes it's the only tool that will do the job and other times it's the only tool that will get me in and out in a reasonable amount of time.
As an example, today I was replacing a kitchen faucet. The replacement had a larger attachment nut than the original and it wouldn't fit between the underside of the sink and back frame of the cabinet. After about 5 minutes of cutting away a little excess wood from the cabinet frame the nut was free to spin tight against the faucet. If I didn't have this tool it would have involved a minimum of 30 minutes of awful cursing and hacking away at the wood haphazardly with a hammer and chisel underneath the world's largest sink with one arm behind the garbage disposal and my face sandwiched between a drain and hot water valve. Thank god for quality oscillating tools.

Festool Tracksaw

I had to cut the bottom off of 9 doors today. A customer had carpet installed and they didn't cut down the doors (not sure why, but some installers don't do this for you). In the old days this job would be done like this: put door on sawhorses, measure 2.25 inches away from bottom of door (1.5 inches for distance between saw's base plate and blade plus .75 inches I'm trying to cut off) and clamp level to door, tape cut line with blue tape to minimize chipping, make cut with circular saw, unclamp level, peel off tape and put door back on hinges.
With the tracksaw it goes like this: put door on sawhorses, measure .75 inches from bottom of door, place track on door, make cut with tracksaw, take track off, put door back on hinges. Don't need clamps, don't need blue tape, and no math required to take into account space between saw blade and base plate. The cut is perfect every time and not having to fiddle with clamps saves valuable time.
If the door is already in place and needs a little trim you can even clamp the track to the door and cut it in place. This speeds things up even more and allows me to fit more jobs in a day which means more money in the bank.

Basin Wrench

The Fein costs about $300 and the Festool TS55 costs about $600 so these tools aren't for everyone, but they help me stay profitable. A basin wrench, however, is within reach of all homeowners and DIYers.
Being under a sink can be truly awful so I try to avoid spending more time under there than absolutely necessary. There are times when I'm replacing a faucet or tightening up a loose one where a basin wrench is just about the only thing that will work. I use the Ridgid brand wrench and it works well. It has a telescoping shaft that allows you to position your hand wherever it needs to be (above a drain, below a valve, etc.) to tighten those pesky retaining nuts in possibly the worst place a handyman has to work on a regular basis: under a sink. They're sometimes wet, dirty, smelly, dark, cramped with water supply lines, drain pipes, garbage disposals, water filters, and of course the sinks themselves.

Makita Impact Driver XDT01

I probably use my impact driver more than any other tool. I use it literally every work day and couldn't be nearly as efficient without it. I've used impact drivers from Panasonic and Milwaukee and DeWalt which historically have been other highly rated drivers and none of them are as good as Makita. The reason I bought heavily into the Makita line of cordless tools (I have at least 15 in total) begins with the impact driver. It has the shortest nose of the impacts I've looked at, it was the first maker I know of to have the LED light stay on after the trigger was released (a nice feature), it has 4 driving modes for increased control, it has more power than any of the other models I've used, and it has the best feel of all of them.
I was disappointed by the Milwaukee impact because that's usually the one that competes best with Makita, but it was underpowered, louder than the Makita, and not as balanced. The Makita just makes my day, everyday. Strong enough to drive lag bolts, small and delicate enough to drive cabinet hinge screws without stripping them.

Milwaukee Right Angle Attachment 49-22-8510

Costs about 3 times as much as most other models, but it's better in every way and so you pay extra for the best. It's very durable. The handle can be turned around in just about anyway you want thanks to the two way adjustability. It's slim. It locks the bit in place with the locking sleeve. All these features make for an attachment that earns its keep those few times when it's the only tool that will do the job.


Merritt: 5 months

Smiley baby hit 5 months yesterday

Seriously, this baby is so damn smiley, it just makes me so happy. Also, let it be known that as soon as I finished taking her 5 month pictures, I held her up over my head and oogled her cuteness and she promptly spit up ALL OVER MY FACE. And mostly my right eye. I saw it coming out and closed my eyes and mouth JUST in time. Lol. Oh, babies.

And, of course, here's the comparison of her and Zoe

I like how I accidentally both have them in Raiders onesies for their 5 month pictures, lol.

It's funny, Merritt was born with A LOT more hair than Zoe, but so much of it has fallen out that I actually think Zoe at 5 months had more hair than Merritt has at 5 months. Merritt's hair color has also completely changed. It was black when she was born, and now it's the same brown color as Zoe. And same with her skin color. She was born olive like me, but her skin has really lightened in these 5 months and now she's fair skinned like Chris and Zoe. Her eye color seems to change daily as well, but at the moment they look deep turquoise almost. I find it hilarious that I'm olive skinned, dark hair (was black when I was little) and dark brown eyes and I have two fair skinned, light brown haired babies with eyes so light blue they're almost gray and the other with turquoise eyes. Nature is a crazy thing.

Last month the biggest development was the development of lack of sleep, lol. We're still struggling a bit, but things have greatly improved. I would say there's 1 good night, 1 so so night, 1 bad night. And then the cycle repeats.

The things we've done this month to help improve things (with help from the behavioral specialist): we moved to two naps a day exclusively. We were doing this a bit before month 4 hit to try to ease her into it, and now we're there solid. She takes a morning nap at about 9:30 that usually lasts about 45 minutes. Then she goes down for her second nap around 1ish. That one usually lasts about 2-2.5 hours. Then she's up till her bedtime at about 6:30.

We also have a nighttime routine: we go on a family walk, nurse, read a book, sing a song and put to bed. I found the routine really helped with Zoe and it seems to be helping with Merritt as well.

We also removed the swaddle. That was terrifying.

In working with the behavioral specialist she determined that Merritt was a natural planner and doesn't like transitions. This makes sense if you know Chris and I, and it also made sense in the way she fussed about certain things and already seemed to have a routine of when she wanted to eat even at 2 months (she would just flat out refuse the boob unless it was her own already designated feeding times). We felt the best way to eliminate the swaddle because of this was to just cold turkey take it away. No slightly easing into things, inserting a little crutch or helper for a couple nights - it was just RIP THE BAND-AID OFF. Otherwise, we'd just have a terrible night again as we were eliminating the things that helped us eliminate the swaddle.

That first night SUUUUUUUCKED. It was awful. I think Chris and I each got about 2 hours of sleep. But the next night, AMAZING improvement. And by the 3rd night, it was like she'd never had it.

Part of the reason why we took away the swaddle was because she is a little ninja when she sleeps. Seriously, her movement as she gets to bed is ridiculous. We would put her on her belly, in the velcro swaddle down to sleep and after hearing her scream and yell and be pissed off for 30 minutes we'd go in there and she'd have moved to the entire other end of the crib, rotated 90 degrees, flipped herself over and had her arms out of it. And she'd be screaming her head off. She was a danger to herself, lol. We determined that she's just a kid that needs to move and wiggle to get herself comfortable and that the swaddle was probably making her more uncomfortable, whereas we thought maybe she needed to have that movement confined because that was what was working her up.

But after we removed the swaddle she went down initially for nighttime and naps so much better. Success!

Nighttime wakings still suck for the most part. We've finally eliminated the 10-11pm one. So that's good. But she was still waking up at 1, 3 and 5. Ughhhhhh. We've mostly eliminated the 3am one, so that is STUPENDOUS. And I would say every 5 nights now she only wakes up once, HOORAY! So that is an AMAZING improvement. The thing that is still hard however is that a lot of the time it can take her a LONG time to get back to bed. Some kids wake a lot to nurse, then BOOM, the boob puts them out. Not Merritt. She'll hang out in her crib, talking to herself, making crazy noises, fussing, crying for sometimes up to 2 hours. It's rough on all of us. Luckily these nights aren't as frequent (they used to happen at least one feeding every night almost). Now they're about every 2-3 nights. So again, a big improvement.

I think the thing that has helped me a bit over the past about 2 weeks is just accepting the Merritt is a rough sleeper. I kept trying to MAKE her be a good sleeper. And while she will eventually get there, right now she just has a tougher time at night. And, honestly, I'm a shitty sleeper that wakes a lot in the middle of the night and sometimes can't go back to bed for hours, so I guess she just got my crappy sleeping gene. I'll have to let her know it improves once you can read, because then at least there's something to entertain you in the middle of the night.

So that's the sleep adventures thus far.

What else is there?

Well, I say it every month, but she really is the damn happiest baby. It is so adorable to see. I love it. She just smiles so big and it just lights up her entire face and sometimes it's so big it makes her whole body do a little shimmey. It's so cute :)

I LOVE when she wakes up in the morning or from a nap in a good mood and she's just laying there playing around and she hears you come and say hi to her. She perks that head up, turns to you and just smiles SO DAMN BIG it doesn't just melt your heart, it melts your soul. It's the sweetest and best thing to see.

She also continues to love having Zoe around and would rather watch Zoe play and run around like a wild woman than just about anything else. Zoe continues to reciprocate the feeling and insists on hugging and kissing "baby Merritt" whenever she leaves the house, gets dropped off at day care, when the baby goes to bed, etc. It is wonderful to see

Merritt is definitely a lot calmer than Zoe was. Many people have made that observation. Merritt still reminds me a lot of Chris - she's a thoughtful observer. She is definitely engaged in what's going on and likes to be propped up either on your shoulder or especially now my hip so that she can see what everyone is doing and what's going on. But she just has this calm and sweet energy about her - she's looking around, but she's just here to hang out.

Being held on my hip is just about one of her favorite things. She could do that forever.

She rolled over about 6 weeks ago now from back to belly and has NEVER done it since. It's the funniest thing. She did it about 10 times that initial evening. And just flat out decided it isn't worth her time anymore, "I conquered that task. Moving on." She also only rolls over from her belly to back in her crib. NEVER while we're playing. Again, it's as if she only performs a task when she determines it has value: rolling over in the crib lets her play with her feet or see what's going on. Why would she roll over while playing on her mat? There is no added value there? She's our efficient baby.

Feet are fabulous this month. It's best to grab and try to eat them while on her changing table. It is also best to grab and try to eat anything she can maneuver into her mouth. The gnawing is still in full effect this month and she will grab that hand of yours and shove a finger in her mouth and just chew chew chew.

She still doesn't really love to play with toys. I remember Zoe was always grabbing for stuff and wanted to wiggle and shove things around. Merritt is just content to be in her swing, lay on her mat or just hang out with you. But you absolutely must be near. This child loves personal contact and close proximity. I can't get mad at a snuggler.

I notice that she seems to also favor her left hand for grabbing and sucking. We'll see if that sticks, or if I'm just hopeful (as a lefty myself). And she also has been loving running her fingers over things and scratching at them to feel the texture of things. She especially likes zippers. Funny how kids already have such a preference for things

One more of that GIANT smile

Alright my little cutie. Happy 5 months to you. Can't wait to see what month 6 brings!


A New Meaning to The Family Jewels

After we had Zoe I knew I wanted to get a family ring made. I'm not a big jewelry wearer or anything, but it seemed like a nice, sentimental piece that I would love. Of course, I needed to wait for our other baby to be born first :) But after Merritt was about a month old I went to the same jeweler who made our engagement/wedding rings and gave him the task of making my family ring.

I had been pinning items a bit and had a pretty concrete idea of what I wanted. Chris (the jeweler) was already very familiar with my linear, geometric, OCD brain and how I was very particular about things. So he was ready to take a lot of notes.

These were the things I liked: something different, something (OBVIOUSLY) to symbolize each of us, the stones to be flat and more unassuming, the number 12.

These were the things I had pinned that stuck out the most to me

Moissanite Engagement Ring Titanium Tension-Set -- by hersteller:
from here
I liked the idea of black metal. And...

men's wedding ring:
from here

I liked the idea of the right having a flat top. I don't like my rings to have stones that protrude out too much, and I didn't want this ring to just have a simple of layer line of stones because that's what my engagement ring has, and I wanted them to be different.

After a bit of research however I nixed the idea of the black metal because it's usually plated gold and rubs and scratches off. You generally want to get it re-plated at least once a year to keep it looking nice. And, let's be honest, I'm super lazy about jewelry and I want it done just once. Chris suggested that I stick with rose gold (my middle name is Rose, and rose gold is rose colored because of copper, so it seemed fitting) because I don't like yellow gold or platinum and I'm allergic to several other metals. But he suggested a matte finish to make it just a little different. LOVE the idea.

Then we talked about what stones I wanted. Hubby Chris was easy: July is Ruby. Done. But October is traditionally Opal and that's an incredibly soft stone, so I didn't want to use that. Instead, we went with Rose Zircon. Then, for the girls we used Alexandrite. This stone can be INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE if it's natural Alexandrite. But lab made Alexandrite is much more affordable, so we opted for that. The really cool thing about this gemstone is that it actually changes colors based on the lighting and environment it's in, which adds another cool layer to the ring. Both girls are born in June, but I didn't want to use the same exact stone for each of them, because they're different individual ladies, so I made Chris hunt down two different colors of Alexandrite for me :)

We got 3 stones of each color - 12 stones in total. 12 is a number that is special to Chris and me. I'm not superstitious or anything, but that number comes up A LOT for us (birthdays, anniversaries, addresses we've lived at together, etc.), so it's a poignant number for us.

Once we had all of the stones he cast the ring in wax to make sure I liked the shape of it. I went in to make sure it fit and check on the taper of the top, how wide it was, etc. I loved how it looked, so then it came time for him to cast the ring in metal. After he was done with that step he wanted me to come in again to approve the shape before he set the stones in. It looked AWESOME

He finished it two weekends and wanted me to come in to see it. I LOVED it. But he wasn't as happy with how he had done the matte finish (essentially with a sander used for jewelry). He wanted to re-matte it with a sandblaster, which I thought was SUPER cool. As much as I wanted to take it that day and wear it forever and ever already, I trusted his artistic vision :) (he was actually pretty excited along the way and had lots of suggestions and input, which was fun).

So I went in last week to pick up the finished ring. And let me tell you....AMAZING

I love it sooooooo much.

I love all the stones together and on their own. The 2 rows Alexandrite in the middle tend to look pinkish most frequently because they're next to the Ruby and Rose Zircon, but the darker one (on the left/middle in the pic) can sometimes look green/blue or even black. And the lighter one (on the right/middle) can look white and gray. It is so fucking cool.

I love how it is flat and presents itself at the top. It's still unassuming and not BAM in your face (I don't like big stones that jut out) but it has a subtle beauty that I love.

The sandblasted matte finish to the rose gold band is fucking awesome. It's such a cool technique he used and the matte is incredibly even all the way around. It's super cool.

I love the heft of it. He actually ended up using almost and ounce and a half of gold, so it's a fairly heave ring. But I actually really like that. It's not too heavy that it's annoying, but I'm always aware that it's there and it's nice to look down and stare at :)

I love my family (except the other day when I had to DRAG Zoe screaming to my car from the park with no shoes on while also holding Merritt in the carrier. That wasn't fun...) and I love my ring :) :) :)


Picardy Poll: What's Your Favorite/Most Hated Countertop Material?

I love polls :)

I've been thinking about this one a lot lately because I went against my natural instinct and put Quartz in an old Victorian for my brother's project. I don't generally make myself stick by time period (hello, our counters are granite and we're in a 1920s house), but I also don't really like to go super modern in a traditional home. This project of course is trying to marry modern and traditional, so I think it was a nice touch with the Shaker style cabinets. 

But it got me thinking about the PLETHORA of different countertop materials and what people do and don't like. So I'm going to do TWO polls here. 

The first will be what counters are you favorite. People are definitely material specific. Some people LOVE granite or LOVE marble or think concrete is cool and a bit different. I have a client who loves her ceramic tile counters and I have a personal aversion to them. There are just so many different opinions. 

And it seems like there is so much love for a certain material by people, but that there are also strong opinions about what people DON'T like. Many folks are getting sick of granite, think ceramic tile or butcher block are unsanitary....people, there are lots of ideas :)

So let us ask: what is your FAVORITE and also what is your HATED countertop material --> FOR YOUR KITCHEN? There are so many choices out there, but I'm going to stick with these "most common" (although how can this many choices be most common) eight choices


Lovely creamy white kitchen design with shaker kitchen cabinets painted Benjamin Moore White Dove, Kashmir White Granite counter tops, polished nickel modern faucet and Vetro Neutra Listello Sfalsato Glass Mosaic- Bianco tiles backsplash. Benjamin Moore White Dove.:
from here


Painted White beaded inset cabinets with Distressed black on cherry breakfront. Marble Island surrounded by Caesarstone quartz countertops. Wood floors  mosaic backsplash. By TheCreativeEdgeInc.:
from here

Butcher Block

My Butcher Block Countertops, Two Years Later — Domestic Imperfection:
from here


creamy white shaker style kitchen cabinets, subway tile back splash, crystal knobs, nickel pulls, quartz counters:
from here


If I had a studio, I'd love to do something like this and have some tables be wood and some be concrete.:
from here


Mudroom - This soapstone counter with a doublewide, extra deep integrated sink is a great asset. With the vegetable garden just steps away and two dogs who love baths, the sink will be quite useful.  As a trained floral designer who loves fresh flowers in the house year round, I know I can put it to use as shown.  <3 the glass door allowing the natural light to shine in. #bhg.com:
from here

Ceramic Tile

Blue tile countertop Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios:
from here

Stainless Steel

Suzie: Palmerston Design - galley kitchen with modern white kitchen cabinets, stainless steel counters:
from here

Want to know my choices? Of course you do :)

My favorite material: soapstone. I pine for the day when we can do another kitchen and I can put soapstone counters in (if I feel like it fits). I wish we had done soapstone here. A small regret by both Chris and I.

My least favorite: it's a tie between butcher block and ceramic tile. But I think butcher block edges out ceramic tile by just a hair. 

Okay, what are your opinions?

What is your favorite kitchen countertop material?

What is your least favorite kitchen countertop material?


My Football Stars

Oh, don't you worry, I am about to shower you with adorable Halloween cuteness. Get ready (spoiler: my most favorite Merritt picture is in this post. It just edges out her smiley 4 month picture).

Halloween means pumpkin festivities and an excuse to still dress my girls in a costume they'll let me :) I know next year Zoe will probably tell me what she wants to be, so I relished in this possibly being my only year I could have them both be dressed up together in the same theme. I know, mom award over here :) Priorities :)

Earlier in the month we went out to a pumpkin patch about an hour away with a bunch of our friends and had fun picking out pumpkins, running amok and playing in a corn box (seriously the best thing ever).

Obviously Merritt needed her first pumpkin picture, duh!

And she actually seemed to really like the corn box. I think she liked how cool the corn was and the yummy texture.

Pensive with mommy

Pensive with daddy

Oh, not pensive...HAPPY with daddy (favorite picture of her, she's just so damn happy I could burst)

Zoe took the corn box seriously. Many somersaults, leaps into the box, and stuffing of the corn everywhere was had

And we got to feed some animals

And then of course getting pumpkins means there is pumpkin carving, and pumpkin painting (Zoe had a lot of fun with that one last year, so I decided to do it again with her friend Sammy)

Both kids actually found playing with all the toys in the backyard more fun than painting pumpkins this year, so my friend and I carved and painted them, lol. It was worth a try, right?

So what were the girls? Well, Merritt was - OF COURSE - a football for Halloween. She was, after all, called "Little Football" when she was in my belly, and Zoe was a baseball for her first Halloween, so it seemed only fitting :)

I was telling my friend at work at the A's about a month+ ago what Merritt was going to be a for Halloween, but that I couldn't come up with a good idea for Zoe. Then she had the genius idea that Zoe could be a Raiders football player. YES! So awesome. Zoe does love going to Raiders tailgates and although she would rather watch Willy Wonka than football on Saturdays and Sundays, we're working on it ;) Want to see their costumes together? Of course you do :) It was definitely an adventure trying to get them to sit together

this one is my fav

organizing ourselves

right before the fall started...

and we're down!

Zoe loves to yell, "Go Raiders!" much to the delight of 2 out of 3 of the grandpa's, #3 is a 9ers fan
I couldn't help my self obviously :)

The full costume didn't make it to trick or treating time because of a pants change that needed to happen. And the girl loves her rain boots. But I think people got it with the Derek Carr jersey and the eye black. She even had a Raiders bag to put her candy in (and her Willy Wonka purse came along for the ride too)

Trick or treating was lots of fun and Zoe loved going from house to house. She got pretty good at saying "Trick or treat" and "thank you" by the end of the night. She has an obsession about doors and frequently ordered neighbors to, "Close your door!" when she was walking down their stoop. Luckily she's not quite 2 1/2 so people found it hilarious

We've let her have 1 piece of candy each night in exchange for being good during the day (like I said, I love bribing). And she loves to tell us each night that the (now empty) bowl that we used to hand out candy to visitors was not for her, "That's for other people, they ate it all."

I love Halloween with my girls. I can't wait till they get into it. I loved picking out what I was going to be each year and designing my costume and sewing it with my grandma. It was a nice tradition of ours. Maybe Grandma Peggy will get to sew some for her great grandbabies :) Whadya say Grandma Peggy?!


A New Baby in the Family

There's another Phillips girl in the family! That's right, my brother and his wife welcomed their baby girl last Sunday (on her due date! 10/25). Welcome to the world Avery Rose!

Okay, first, the most important thing: that baby is adorable. OBVIOUSLY. I actually think she looks very similar to Merritt and Zoe when they were babies, which I think is pretty cool. She made her way into the world via C-section as well after a 24 hour labor with my sister-in-law contracting a fever at the tail end of the excitement. Our Phillips girls just really like to stay put apparently. They're strong-willed ladies, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

And how cool that I get to share a middle name with my niece?! I love that :) :) :) And Zoe shares that as well. Pretty cool family tradition we've got going on over here.

Want more pictures? OF COURSE YOU DO!

There she is just hours old
2 out of 3 of the happy grandmas
Okay, one more

oh HI THERE :)
Cutie pie :) :) :)

Okay, I must confess, there is also a selfish reason why I am writing this post as well: another baby in the family means that there is another little person I get to make art projects for, bah!!! And because my girls love the mobile I made that's above their changing table, I decided that Avery needed one as well :)

The items hanging from our mobile are things that are indicative of our relationship and the things we're interested in. Chris and I came up with some ideas for Adam and Christine, but I also reached out to our parents and asked them what items they thought I should include. We came up with these 6:

1. A football: both sides of the family LOVE football. But we're Raiders fans and Christine (and her family) are Chargers fans. So I just opted to make a football, instead of a team logo. They're a family divided. But I'll PROBABLY send along a Raiders onesie at some point...I mean, no one can turn down hand-me-downs :)

2. An airplane: they have traveled to SO MANY really cool places.

3. A palm tree: to represent their life down in San Diego

4. The Transamerica Building in SF: to represent the time they spent living in SF before they got married

5. A dog: a little figurine of their doggie Ax :)

6. The Filipino Flag: Little Avery is 1/2 Filipino from Christine's side and so even though she's living in the United States, I wanted her to get a good representation of the other 1/2 of her

It took several nights to make all the little felt figurines (that doggie was a challenge), but after maybe a week or so I had them all done. And I loved them!

Then, just like with ours, I went out to the garage and used some scrap MDF we had laying around and cut the shape out they would hang from. I drilled two holes into each prong to slip the string into. Then I painted the top white and the bottom side that will look down at the baby various bright, fun colors. After that I coated the whole thing in several layers of modge podge

Next, I used embroidery thread to string through each figurine to braid the chain that would allow each item to hang down

After all the chains were braided it was time to string them through the frame

Zoe actually helped at this stage and was VERY excited to show off: "Look at the mobile I build!"

The last step before mailing it off to them was to put at eye bolt on the top of the frame and attach fishing line to let it hang from the ceiling. I wasn't sure where Adam and Christine would hang it from (and they didn't even know it was coming yet), so I left the fishing line really long and gave them an additional eye bolt so they could hang it wherever they wanted

Then I packed it all up and mailed it off to them, hehehehehehe :)

And I got this photo emailed to me a couple days later :)

 Little Avery has her very own auntie-made mobile hanging over her changing table to entertain her wiggly self as she's getting her diaper changed :) :) :)

I love art projects, and I ESPECIALLY love art projects that involve getting to share love with my family. Becoming a mom has been so challenging and rewarding and I just wanted to give my wonderful brother and sister-in-law a little something special. I know they're awesome parents already :)

One more shot of that cutie?


Sleepy sleepy baby :) Nothing better.

And how lucky are our parents? From ZERO grand kids to THREE grand babies in less than 3 years. They're definitely soaking up all the love :)