Mid Week "Weekend"

I've had the last two days off from work, and because Chris has Wednesdays off and a 1/2 day on Thursdays (he's at class now) we've been able to get some things checked off our list, so that is ALWAYS nice. The number one thing was putting in our front door. When we first moved in we had a hollow core interior office door as our front door because the people who lived here before were idiots. They also had it swing into the house the wrong way.

Pretty soon after moving in we took out the door, Chris starting reframing it correctly, and we put up a piece of plywood until we got a proper door.

After a lot of hard work yesterday we finally got the door installed!!!!! There are some finishing things we need to do (one more coat of paint on the outside, paint on the inside, drywall the exposed areas around it, wire the electricity for foyer and outside light, and get an outside light), but at least we have a door now!!! For almost 5 months we've gone in and out the side door off the kitchen. I'm very excited we have a proper front door now, and I'm sure our neighbors are too :)

We'll eventually be painting the house back to the original color: white. I've also thought we should paint the trim gray because the side and front gates are cast iron and I thought our (eventual) front yard garden would really pop against a clean color palette. We shall see what happens when we begin THAT task.

Yesterday and today in the mail we got our kitchen hardware!!! We got the knobs yesterday and the bin pulls today. Because all the orginal door knobs in the house are glass, I thought it would fit to have glass knobs and bin pulls. I LOVE the bin pulls. I think they will look great on our white painted cabinets.

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Steph said...

OMG!! Meryl!! I am in LOVE with your knobs and pulls!!! S-C-O-R-E!!! Front door looks fabulous...know what you mean, we lived with a previously kicked in door-badly repaired-latch held in with fixall for two years. It's always nice when the door actually opens, closes and locks! Keep on keeping on...looks great!
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