Mills Photos

My friend Sophie reminded me of the brilliant idea to post some photos that I took this semester of our house in one of my classes at Mills, Intro to Digital Imaging. I had a really hard time focusing on my first photo project of the semester (back in early January) because we had just moved into the house and things were so crazy with starting to tear down the kitchen, etc., so I decided to do my project about the house. During my first critique Sophie suggested continuing on with the idea of creating a portrait of our house throughout each assignment, so I did (the first of many times Sophie came to my creative rescue this semester). I don't like my first project so much, so here are my second and third (if you click on them they get a lot bigger).

Project 2 - Urban/Suburban (slide film)

Project 3 - Authentic-ity


Bradley and Jackie said...

That chick in the heels rocks! I wish i was that cool :D

Steph said...

Yes! I was going to say in all the years we've remodeled I don't think I ever did it in heels and a skirt! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MERYL! Your Whidbey Cheering Squad...Steph and Ruth