I Love Lists

We're coming along on laying the floor and it's looking pretty good. Ever the perfectionist, Chris can of course find TEENY TINY places where it isn't ABSOLUTELY perfect, but I think it looks pretty damn great so far (our goal is to finish it Saturday)

We now have both pendant lights installed as well

And we've started putting together the light to go above the sink

I love to make lists. I have a calendar of all that me and Chris have going on and I write EVERYTHING in it, and in my notes section I have 26 pages of lists (13 pages front and back on each). I LOVE making lists and checking things off (I think my mom instilled this in me)

So, naturally, Chris and I have made a list of all we need to accomplish before our Birth-duation Warming party (Chris' birthday, my graduation, and our housewarming party all in one) over Labor Day weekend. The list is pretty insane (amazingly detailed and organized), and I have Chris to thank for it :)

It's a day by day calendar of everything we'd like to get done. It's pretty ambitious, but hey, I like to check some shit off man :)


Bradley and Jackie said...

I LOVE that chandelier in the second pic, very cool!

meryl rose said...

It's original to the house! Isn't that cool?!?!?!? We're trying to save as many of the original lights as possible, I love them.