I'm Back!!!

I came home last night from Krisyln's Bachelorette Extravaganza, and it was QUITE an Extravaganza. There was a lot of time at the beach, drinking spirits, and having an all around crazy time. At times it got to be a bit much for me, but everyone seemed to have a really great time

(we saw this couple getting married on the beach on Saturday afternoon, and that night they happened to come celebrate at the bar we were at)

The casualty of the trip, however, why my body because no matter how much sunscreen I put on, I got WAY sunburned :( My feet got it REALLY bad because I never wear sandals or flip flops so my skin is really sensitive. My poor little tomatos

While I was gone Chris got a coat of primer and then the texture on the walls in the kitchen, yea!!!

We will put the last coat of primer over the texture (the first coat goes under) tonight, and then my mom and I will be painting tomorrow. I can't wait!

He also starting repairing part of the ceiling in the laundry room

AND he got the last layer of stucco on the exterior by the kitchen

He was pretty awesome while I was away, thanks Chris! :)

I'll finish the insulation and draw the hardwood floor plan before I leave for work today. After we paint we'll be laying the floor, VERY exciting. The hardwood throughout the house has a specific cross hatch pattern in the corners, so I'll have to figure out exactly how we should lay it so we can replicate the pattern as close as possible.

It'll be a busy couple of days and then Thursday we leave for Chris' birthday trip!!!!!

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