Neutral Color

We're making some headway on the laundry room, so that's pretty exciting. We DESPERATELY need to do a load of laundry, and hopefully we'll get the washer and dryer hooked back up tonight. Chris and I are both on our last pair of socks.

When I was at the Earthquakes on Saturday Chris and his sister got the texture on the walls, and yesterday morning and afternoon while I was at the A's Chris cleaned up and got the primer on the walls. So when I got home around 5 Chris got started on hooking the lights back up

and I got started on painting

I am not a fan of neutral colors in a home. I dislike shades of beige and off-white. I think colors like that lack personality and are unimaginative. To me, the only places neutral colors should live are hallways, utility rooms, closets, and garages. So, this being a laundry room, a light neutral color was allowed. It's a shade that really changes with the light because in the picture above it looks really yellow, but in the morning light right now it looks creamy, and at night it has a hint of green.

We got the first coat on by dinner

Took a little break, and knocked out the second coat in 45 minutes

Tonight we'll put up the laundry cabinet (which is DONE, I just have to clean it up and put on the glass knobs) and then we'll hook up the washer and dryer. The cabinet is SUPER heavy, so I think we'll ask our neighbor Leighton to help us lift it up and install it when Chris gets home. There is still the floor that needs to be replaced and the trim that needs to be painted (and some installed), but it is a VAST improvement.

I got my new schedule from LHB now that school has started again for our other receptionist. I've got Mondays and Fridays off, so that's pretty cool. It opens up a lot of time to work on the house, and also time to hopefully get some substitute teaching in for extra money once my CBEST scores come back (unofficial TODAY) and I send in my paperwork. Update: I got my scores and I PASSED!!!!

Alright, I'm off to get some housework done!

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Bradley and Jackie said...

YIPPIE! Congrats on passing. You're gonna make one cool sub!