Too Too Too Hot

I know I'm completely spoiled when it comes to the weather. In Albany and Berkeley, a hot day was in the mid 70s, and unbearable was when it hit the 80s. I loved it. It's amazing that just 10 miles away in Oakland the weather is so different. It got to 96 here, and that was COMPLETELY unbearable for me.
I started the day off painting another coat on our front door. When I walked outside at 8:15 to hose it down, I already broke a sweat. At 11 when I was painting I was trying as hard as possible to stay in any shade there was. I got the second coat on the front though, and it looks great (I love the buttercup yellow, it's so cheerful and inviting)

Chris worked on getting started on the deck in the back

I prepared the first lunch on our NEW countertops. It made it MUCH easier than the one square foot I had before (ooohhh the small joys in life)

After lunch (when we found out it was 96 degrees) we decided it was too hot to work outside on the deck, so we worked on installing the upper cabinets. We had to be finished by a little after 5 to take showers to see my dad and Wendy for dinner, and surprisingly we got it all done!

(We'll be getting a stainless fridge that will be centered under this cabinet sometime in the future)
(like our curtains? Don't worry, those are only temporary)

(glad I got that silly one of Chris, hehe)

We still need to put on the trim at the top of the cabinets (where you can see the plywood nailing strip) but other than that we got them in!

I thought the Raiders game today was a night game so I could work on the house during the day and wouldn't have to go in till 4, but it's a day game. That's bad for two reasons: I won't really be able to work on the house because I have to be in at 9:30 and I won't be home till around 5, and it's supposed to be really hot again, and standing on the field with no protection from the sun for 3 hours isn't going to be pleasant :( Chris said he was going to work outside on the deck, so he'll be just as hot :(

Here's to hoping neither of us gets heat stroke! (seriously only kind of joking)

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Bradley and Jackie said...

It seems like you guys are rollin now. Soon the house will be just the way you want it! I hope dinner was nice with the folks. I wish they didn't have to move soo far way!