I Think I Love U2 EVEN MORE

We got back from Boston yesterday, and we had a really great time visiting, discovering, lounging, concerting (not a word, oh well).


Travel day, but still exciting. The last time I flew out of SF was probably when I went to Chile and Argentina with my friend's family when I was 14. Whenever I visited my dad and Wendy in TX I would always fly out of Oakland and San Jose, so I've gotten used to never flying out of SF. When my dad booked our flights there were no more coupon flights left flying out of Oakland, so we had to fly out of SF and arrive home in Oakland. I remember talking about it, but then TOTALLY forgot. So Clarke was very nice and drove us to the Oakland Airport on Friday because that's where I told him we were flying out of. He droped us off, we walked inside and I pulled out our boarding passes (that I printed the day before but never looked at, obviously). I freeze, WE'RE FLYING OUT OF SAN FRANCISCO. Chris thought I was joking at first. So I called Clarke, but his phone was off, AHHH! I remembered that on Friday's Adam works from home so I frantically called him and he RUSHED over to get us, and when he got there our flight was leaving in 65 minutes. He tried to weave in and out of traffic as much as possible and got us there 25 minutes before our flight was supposed to leave. LUCKILY, people let us cut them to check our bags and to get through security and we RAN to the gate and got there as they were boarding the "B" group. WHEW!!!! I was FREAKING out on the car ride there. But Adam's GREAT driving got us there in time. THANKS AGAIN ADAM!


Chris, Wendy and I went on the Duck Tour.

Total nerdy thing, but we had to do it. Plus, it was a really nice way to get a general over view of the city, so I had a good time. There have even been some famous people who rode it, so what do you think of that now dad? :)

After, we went home and got my dad and went out to lunch at a bar to watch the Cal football game. I still wasn't feeling too well and was really tired from medicine I took, so I intended on taking a 20 minute nap, but it actually lasted more like 2 and a half hours. Whoops! So, we stayed in that night and vegged and watched a movie, which actually ended up being fun and relaxing. And the next day I felt A LOT better, so that's good.


Jam packed day because of my napping. First, we went to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. It was a GREAT museum and I particularly enjoyed their room on Impressionism. I got to see a lot of the paintings I studied, which is always exciting, including this one

I was sad that their Dutch and Flemish room was closed for renovations :( so I'll have to visit again sometime. They also had a GREAT Egyptian and Roman art collection which was pretty awesome to look at. I love Egyptian art and have an Egyptian hieroglyphic as a tattoo, so I enjoyed looking through everything

Next we went to the Museum of Science which was TOTALLY awesome and rivals the Exploratorium (although the Exploratorium has the Tactile Dome which is AMAZING). I don't have any pictures from here because I checked my purse so I didn't have to carry it around, so I'll have to snag Wendy's pictures sometime.

My dad and Chris especially liked an engineering section that let you build your own little sliding cars out of plastic, batteries and cloth. My dad tried to beat the slowest time possible (it was 7 or so seconds) and Chris tried to beat the fastest (1.10 seconds). My dad must have tried about a dozen times. He had the stickiest fabric, but his car would never even MOVE, so he had to keep making little adjustments to make it slide down the track, but not TOO fast. He kept on trying and he finally "WON." His car slid down the track at 10.85 seconds! You got to put your name on the board, so he put "Go A's" :) Meanwhile, Chris kept trying for the fastest and would get a couple hundreths of a second away and would make little adjustments here and there and then this 7 year old girl toddles up and puts her car on the track and she got 1.07! Shortly after, Chris gave up :)

After the museum closed we headed over to Quincy Market to hang out for an hour or two before our next tour, the Ghosts and Gravestones. We toured old burial grounds and heard spooky stories. It was pretty interesting. And Wendy screamed twice, so it was worth it :)


Rest day. My dad went to work in the morning and we hung out for most of the day because the concert was that night and we didn't want to be too tired.

For lunch we took the bus to Cambridge and ate at Mr. Bartley's, which is a Cambridge institution (it was voted Best Burgers by the Boston Globe and the Wall Street Journal). They have a TON of burgers and name them after famous people. Chris and Wendy had the Tom Brady Burger (although Chris later regretted not having the This Old House Burger) and I got the Joe Biden Burger. They were tasty and delicious. After, we walked around Cambridge (saw the Car Talk office)

and Harvard (I feel smarter already) and then headed home.

We vegged for about an hour and then my dad came home around 3:30. Although the concert started at 7, we were told that traffic and parking are a MESS heading out to Foxborough, so we left at about 4. Foxborough is only about 30 miles away, but it took us over an hour and a half to get there! And the town is TEENY TINY and the stadium is on a regular street, not off the freeway or anything, in fact, it's over 3 miles AWAY from a freeway, which makes for WONDERFUL traffic. We finally found the stadium and got parking about a mile away for $40! People were tailgating and hanging out and getting excited. We ate at the car and then headed over. I was BEYOND excited.

The Patriots Stadium was REALLY nice. I guess a perk of being out in the middle of nowhere was they could do anything they wanted.

We walked around a while, and then headed inside around 6:30.

The stadium was HUGE and they had a really cool stage set-up.

I LOVED this guy reading "Abstract Expressionism" before a concert, I had to email it to my Mills buddies (and the guy to the left's facial expression is pretty amazing too)

I found this really cool article of an interview with the U2 manager. The tour is called 360, and they wanted to build a stage so that from any angle in the stadium you could see the show (so there were no obstructed views) and also how they made ticket prices cheaper (10,000 tickets were $30) because times are hard and they wanted people to be able to afford tickets. Just another reason I love U2.

Snow Patrol opened the show and was on for about 30-45 minutes. I only knew one of their songs, but they were pretty good. I didn't like where we were standing though (I need more personal space) so I started getting frustrated and anxious and headed out of the crowd and moved to the back of the field. When Snow Patrol was done we hung out in the back for the hour or so till U2 came on. This is OUR album cover

About 15 minutes before we thought they'd come on (we heard 9) we moved to the back of the stage to a small area my dad scoped out. No one really knew it was open to people, so there weren't many people around. It was RIGHT next to the stage and we were like 10 feet away from the band when they came out!!!!


When the show started we moved to the side of the stage that people apparently didn't know you could stand at either. There was NO ONE there, we were SUPER close and there was a gate we could lean up against. So for the TWO HOUR set we had AWESOME seats. It was AMAZING. I had the GREATEST time!!!!!! I took SO MANY pictures and videos, but here are some I really liked.

See how close we are! None of the pictures are zoomed in!

Tribute to Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi


None of my videos of the concert are uploading :( I'll have to try and figure out what's going on and then maybe post one or two later

It was the BEST TIME EVER!!!!!!!!

Not fun was the hour it took to get to the freeway after the show ended (SOOOO much traffic), 3 hours of sleep, waking up at 4:30 (eastern time) for our flight at 6, and then working yesterday afternoon. But, the trip was so fun and the concert was GREAT, so it was totally worth it

Now, we're back home and getting settled back in. Tomorrow I have an orientation for the Warriors for an equivalent internship that I did with the A's last year and Friday I get to work for ESPN at the De La Salle football game (I'm pretty excited/nervous. I got emailed the crewsheet and it's 5 pages of instructions, contact info, etc.)

This weekend we're back to work on the house!

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Cool vacation recap! I can just imagine Auntie screaming, she is too funny! The concert set up looks awesome by the way! What a fun time