Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Tonight Chris and I carved our Halloween pumpkins. It has probably been at least 10 years since I've carved a pumpkin, so I was really excited. Halloween is really big on our block and is quite the destination for kids to trick-or-treat at, so I had to make sure we had adequate decorations.

At the Alumni House where Chris works they're big on Halloween and have a day of fun to celebrate. They have a pumpkin carving contest and this year his department won! Here's the pumpkin Chris and his coworker Diana carved

It's a big pumpkin eating a little pumpkin, hehehehee. We saved some pumpkin guts when we were carving and when we put it outside we'll leave some entrails. I LOVE it!

After dinner Chris and I got down to business

I quickly came up with my idea, but Chris was a little stuck. Because Chris is a humongous movie buff, I thought of the perfect inspiration: the absoulute pinnacle director of thriller/horror movies (at least in my opinion)

It took me a couple tries, but I made up a line drawing for Chris

(tip, if you draw out your plan on the pumpkin, pen wipes RIGHT off with nail polish remover)

After some VERY careful cutting and carving, I think our pumpkins turned out pretty magnificent

Now we're ready for some trick-or-treaters!!!

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Bradley and Jackie said...

I LOVE YOUR PUMPKINS!!! Especially the first one. We had a carving contest this year with Brads parents. Brad's and I's pumpkin would fit right in with yours. Awesome job. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!