Bye Bye Popcorn

Whoever thought of popcorn ceilings should have their toenails ripped off one by one. I HATE them, they're TERRIBLY ugly and a VERY messy job to remedy. Sunday, Chris and I had the joyful task of removing the popcorn ceiling in my art room (eventually, another one will have to be removed in the TV room as well)

We started relatively early and got the room prepped

After we put drop cloths on the ground to catch all the debris and lined the walls with plastic we got to work. One of us sprayed a water/soap mixture out of a spray bottle while the other followed along with a scraper. The job was made easier after we discovered the popcorn did not contain asbestos (which popcorn ceilings very frequently do). A guy who Chris works with does asbestos testing on the Cal campus and he checked out a sample of ours and found no asbestos, pretty sweet! (that would have made the job A LOT harder)

It was a MESSY job. The popcorn crud got everywhere and caked to our stools, feet, and floor

After we cleaned up

we had to go over the ceiling again with sponges to get rid of all the leftover residue. Then we started repairing the ceiling. There are a LOT of cracks and some weak points. So, like in the laundry room, we had to drill holes all over and shove epoxy in them to try and strengthen it

Once we're finished repairing the ceiling we'll fill in the holes and re-texture everything to make it smooth

After, we worked on figuring out the placement of the recessed lights and cutting out the holes for them

Today when I got home from work and the gym I painted part of the exterior back of the house in anticipation of the big storm that's coming later this evening. The stucco was still bare, so we needed to get the proper primer on to seal the stucco from all the water seeping in and reaching the frame of the house and damaging it

We'll see what happens when the rain comes......we need to get bids on a new roof.......

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