A Little of This, A Little of That

Saturday Chris and I made the trek down to Soquel (Santa Cruz area) for the wedding of one of his college friends, Johnny. Johnny is a geologist, Leigh is a geographer, and they are adventure and nature enthusiasts, so they had their wedding on the anniversary of the Loma Prieta. It was LOTS of fun, and very beautiful. They inherited a ranch when their grandparents, and later mother, passed away, and the wedding was on their beautiful property. We had a great time

Football was watched (the best man insisted Chris and Ryan keep him updated on the score)

Games were played

Ceremonies were performed (with the most AMAZING backdrop of beautiful redwoods)

Toasts were had

Dancing was done

We had a really great time

Then yesterday it was back to work on the electrical in the art room. We've slowly been replacing all the knob and tube wiring that is original to the house

Chris has replaced nearly all the knob and tube, and redoing the art room electircal helped push us towards the goal of having it all replaced

In order to repair an outlet on one of the walls of the art room and install another one, we needed access into the wall that the art room shares with the bathroom. The horendously heavy (probably over 300 lbs) origial tub was in the way and we really had to use some elbow grease to slide it a foot or so

We had success though!

We'll probably spend another day on the electrical, and then that will be done. Then we'll move on to retexturing the ceiling. After that it's paint, build my shelves, paint them and assemble and move in the furniture and supplies!
We were really good about going to the movies this weekend as well. We saw The Messenger (really good, but a little too long) at the Mill Valley Film Festival on Thursday night (with an interview with Woody Harrelson before the movie, and a Q&A with him and the director after, THANKS CLARKE!), Whip It (okay) and The Stepfather (good) on Friday, and More Than a Game (great) and Law Abiding Citizen (great) last night. Very close to reaching 100 movies in the theater this year!

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Bradley and Jackie said...

your title for this one reminds me of the super popular song awhile back: a little bit of this, a little bit of that, it started with a kiss now we're up to bat..."
Just thought you needed to know that :D