Potting Plants and NPR

I was such a stereotype this afternoon: I sat outside on a nice sunny afternoon with my short, hipster haircut, planting herbs to spice up our dinners we cook with veggies from our organic garden, all while listening to NPR. But hey, if that's the stereotype I fit, I don't really mind :)

Chris and I have wanted to plant some herbs for quite some time, but like a lot of things with the house, we haven't gotten around to it... So, on this beautiful sunny afternoon on my way home from work and lunch with my momma (thanks mom!) I stopped at Home Depot and got some potting soil, pots, and herb seeds and sat out and started potting

Currently, we have ONE potted herb sitting on our side deck landing (with a cool fire pot from my Aunt Brenda)

So the Greek Oregano needed some friends

With The News Hour on and the sunshine out I had quite a pleasant time and whipped up some homies for Mr. O

(I don't know WHAT was going on with this picture. It wouldn't upload correctly, so it's sideways :( I tried it about 7 times, grrrr)
I would still like to pot a couple more, get some stands so that there is variable height to make it a bit better looking and make some more exciting plant labels when my art room is done, but for now I think it's splendid :)

Because our vegetable garden in the back has done SO well

Especially the tomatos

Eventually I'd like to make the flower bed that runs along the back of the house into another vegetable garden. At the moment it's filled with A LOT of other stuff, so that is WAY down the line

We'll have to repair the rest of the addition, restucco it, test the soil.....but it's a goal!

Totally unrelated, but I found this AWESOME spiderweb in the backyard

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