Attempting to Clean the Attic

The process of getting the roof redone left a lot of debris in the attic

A couple days ago I attempted to clean it all up.

So Chris hauled the shop vac up and I tried to get my vacuum on

Not close and no cigar.

So then I went to retrieve the broom and tried to sweep it all up

This proved to be a successful method on all the flat surfaces

But what about ALL those pesky areas between the floor joists? I was left to TRY and sweep the area up (which was A LOT easier when I was sweeping over dry wall and not lathe and plaster)

And then go back and vacuum the piles up

(I PROBABLY should have used a mask)
3 1/2 hours and a LOT of coughing later and the attic is still a MESS. This will be a LONG process.


kitliz @ DIYdiva said...

Meryl... Please tell me the story of how you bought this house. It really is unique! I've gone back a few pages in the blog but haven't found the scoop yet.

Love the tree idea in the art room, I can't wait to see it when the room is complete.

meryl rose said...

Thanks so much!!! I am counting down the days till my art room will be done and my tree will be complete! One project down....500 to go! :)

AND, just in time for your house curiosity question...today is our one year homeowner anniversary and I just posted an entry with all the fun (at least I think it's fun, hehe) details of our journey to renovating ownership...