Happy Holidays! Now Back to Work

Chris and I were good worker bees over the Christmas holiday weekend. We worked the 24th and 26th, but DID take Christmas day off :) And thanks to our Christmas day movie marathon we only have 3 more movies to watch this year to reach 300

But, like the post said, now it's back to work

Chris finished priming and painting the windows and got the cut-ins done in the art room

He made some serious headway on the shelves for the pantry closet in the kitchen

And he scraped the paint off the glass of the art room back door

Yesterday and today he's been at the Alumni House working on their bathroom remodel. Wish he was here, but he's making extra money while the AH is closed over the holiday, so that's always exciting.

Over the last couple of days I've been working on my art room wall art. As you may remember I was thinking about doing a stencil on the walls. Well, that idea morphed into another. I've been borderline obsessed with the Oakland oak tree for the better part of a year (and have been wanting to do a related art project during said obsession).

(tree at City Hall)

(one of the city of Oakland logos)

So, I came up with the brilliant idea of painting a tree on my art room walls (at least I think it's brilliant). Later, I'll take the picture and canvas frames I hang up, spray paint them the colors of the flowers and leaves of my curtain fabric and hang them from the tree on the walls. I was VERY excited about this idea and was even more excited when it came time to start painting. So, over the last couple of days I drew out my plans for two trees on opposing walls and got to painting

Two coats and some fine tuning later and I was DONE

Now I can't WAIT to build my shelves, move in the furniture, start hanging some art work and get to arting! :)


casacaudill said...

We walked around Picardy on Christmas night looking at all the gorgeous Christmas displays

Bradley and Jackie said...

That tree looks really cool. What a good idea!

meryl rose said...

Hi Casa Caudill! Thanks for stopping by both figuratively and literally! I hoped you liked the lights over Christmas, although I was a little disappointed that so many houses didn't light up this year :( last year when I drove by when we were in contract only 2 weren't lit!

Thanks Jackie!!! I'll have to have you and Mr. Max over for an art day sometime :) He can get some finger painting on :)