Converse for Kim

I've been drawing on Converse shoes for a little while now and giving them to my mom as presents (I think I've made 3 for her thus far)

Then I made a pair that she gave to the owner of her gym

And I've made a pair for myself

One day when my mom was at the gym a lady there LOVED the shoes she was wearing (they were green and yellow and had words like Power, Peace, Love on one shoe and "In My Own Skin" on the other shoe - of course I didn't take a picutre of them when I made them for her this past Christmas, damnit). I loved how inspirational they were (without being overly cheesy) and so did her friend Kim. So my mom asked if I would feel okay if she gave my information to Kim because she wanted a pair of her own. I said, "Sure!" So Kim and I wrote back and forth and talked about colors, the design she wanted, and what words she found most inspirational and I drew up some pretty awesome Converse for her (actually, I think these are my favorite so far)

Kim chose the words Strength, Hope and Peace. I had done 4 words on my mom's but 3 was the perfect fit for Kim because her feet are a bit smaller. She wanted the same colors on each shoe, but a slight variation to give them some fun definition (I had done this on my mom's so she knew it didn't look totally wacky).

Isn't that tag cute? One of the lawyers at the law office I work at got them for me for a Christmas present, so I can toss one in with the fun art projects I make for people.

If YOU want YOUR very own pair of fun, drawn-on Converse, email me at meryl.phillips@mindspring.com I charge $100 (that is for the shoes, art work, and shipping) for adults, and $75 for kids and babies.

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Bradley and Jackie said...

You gottah make Max a mini pair...