I Woke Up To a GREAT Surprise

And by great, I mean it was terribly fucking awful.

We are very lucky that we have two full bathrooms in our house. One that is in shambles, and one that functions, but isn't very lovely, clean, or liked (but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do).

Currently, the main bathroom renovation is priority number 5 on our 2010 house plan, behind finishing projects from last year, working on the garage (for which we have already begun consulting an engineer), and FINALLY getting heat to our FREEZING house

The main bathroom currently looks like this

With a big hole (that will get much bigger) because of all of the dry rot

(yes, that's right, you can see all the way down to the foundation)
So, while this bathroom has been out of commission, we've been using this LOVELY half renovated piece of crap that the previous owners left us

(and yes, that's a TOWEL on the back of the door because the idiot previous owners had a see through GLASS door as the bathroom door. No thanks. I would prefer my houseguests NOT be able to see me while I PEE.)

I hate this bathroom, but there are other issues with the house that I would prefer get done first, so Chris and I have made due. It has a sink, toilet, and shower, so I really don't care. I don't LIKE it, but at least it works.

Well, that's when my lovely surprise reared its ugly head this morning.

I got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face and get ready to do some organizing before Chris and I leave later this morning to work on my dad's rental property's gutters (they're leaking, ther roofers didn't attach them properly to the eaves). As I reached for the towel that hangs over the shower enclosure I heard some creaking and tweaking noises. I looked all around for the source (I had no idea what it could be, but I thought AT LEAST I should look around). I didn't see anything that looked out of the ordinary, so I continued to dry my face.

As I was about to hang the towel back up, I thought, "hmmm, the shower enclosure looks strange." But I couldn't really put my finger on it. So I looked at the other side where the door is

Well, the other side of the shower enclosure DOES have something VERY different to it than the door side...it's got quite an interesting pattern

A pattern of SHATTERED GLASS. How THE FUCK did that happen?
Chris hasn't woken up yet, and honestly, I'm a bit worried about what his reaction will be. I'm the emotional, over-reactor and Chris is the calm, thoughtful one in our relationship. But sometimes, this house and it's "surprises" can really get to him, and I'm afraid this will REALLY get to him.
The questions is, what will we do and how will priorities change? The simple thing would be to buy another shower enclosure and just replace it. BUT, this bathroom will get renovated in 1 1/2 - 2 years, in which case we would be bound to certain changes by the enclosure and who knows if it would survive the demo (I can't even IMAGINE the dry rot in this bathroom). At best we would not be able to renovate how we wanted, and at worst we would have wasted a bunch of money.
We could shoot the main bathroom reno to priority number 1, but it would still take a LONG time: we have more demo to do, dry rot to fix, framing to fix, plumbing to replace, a tub and sink to refinish, fixtures and tile and SHOWER ENCLOSURES to buy, tile to install, a window to install, a tub and sink and toilet to install, a closet to build, and all those other fun finishing touches that will take a LONG time. The OLD saving grace of it taking a long time was that at least we always had the other bathroom...Well, now it looks like we may be showering at my brother's or the gym...for the next 4 months...
Sometimes renovating is a real fucking bitch. And Chris hasn't even SEEN this bitch yet...


Anonymous said...

Put in a shower rod and curtains. It will work and it is cheap until you get to it.

Monique said...

Could you put a shower curtain over the opening or was there further damage behind the shattered door? Do you have a cheap off price building supply outlet or plumbing outlet where you are? I know that you can usually find a real basic plastic shower enclosure with floor for about $300 or less. Good Luck and by the way love the 'neakers they remind me of what some of us would do to our expensive reeboks in high school.

Tam said...

A big fat "BUMMER!!!!" from one of your parental units. I know you guys will figure out how to deal -- you always do. But how did it happen in the first place?

meryl rose said...

Thank you for your suggestions and encouragement!!!!

Chris (oF COURSE) was level headed and found a solution (it really helps to have that guy around...) so I will be able to shower tomorrow! And we didn't have to spend a crapload of money either, only $32! Double yay!!!