My Own Business Card

I finally made my own business card (with 37 part time jobs, you don't really get a PROFESSIONAL one). I'm not really sure WHY I made them (well, mostly because my mom says people ask her about the shoes, so now she can give them something more professional than my name and contact info written on a napkin, otherwise though I'll have to find another use for them). She and Chris have been telling me to do this for about a year, so I decided I should actually get around to it.

I got them at MOO which is AWESOME. You can upload a TON of designs of your own or use their templates. They have good prices too. I got 100 mini cards for $20, but you can get 50 of the regular size ones for $20.

I wanted mine to be fun and playful (because I don't take myself seriously), but also clean and organized (because, lets be honest, I have some OCD tendancies).

Here's the front

And here's the back

What do you think? I quite like them myself, the polka dots and colors make me smile :)


Bradley and Jackie said...

Love the design and really love the colors! I use Moo too for custom stickers for my business. Dont you love graphic design!?

meryl rose said...

Thanks Jackie! I love Moo, my mom told me about it and it's the BEST!