Noah's Arc

With the much appreciated rain (really, it is actually much appreciated) comes the NOT so appreciated drainage issues we have discovered around the perimeter of the house. Our house may now be leak free, but there are some other problems affloat (hardy har har)

Yesterday as we were working we decided to walk around and look at what we were up against during a break in the downpour. It turns out, we are up against a lot.

We have this issue I already spoke of...

As well as standing water under the animal room/behind my art room

AND under the house.

So what to do, what to do??? Well, the long term plan will be to dig out a trench, install proper draining and extensions on the downspouts, and lay some gravel on top, and then hopefully that solves the problem. But that will also have to wait till we have consistent good weather (no rain please, we don't want a backyard full of MUD while we're trenching). So, what is the short term plan you ask?

About 2 years ago I took a ceramics class at Mills. I was taking a Modern Art History class at the same time and had developed an extreme dislike for Mr. Marcel Duchamp, and specifically his work, Fountain

I won't begin to discuss my thoughts on this piece because I could really go on for paragraphs, posts, days! But, yada yada yada I REALLY don't like it. SO, in my ceramics class I decided to build a urinal out of clay, put it on a pedestal and insert a water feature into it so the urinal actually became a fountain (much to Mr. Duchamp's delight I'm sure, mua ha ha ha ha)

(water spouted out of the top most hole and collected in the bottom of the urinal and filtered down through those 6 holes that make up the triangle at the bottom, through a tube, and into a bucket that sat on a shelf inside of the pedestal, that also housed a pump that pumped the water BACK up out the hole at the top. Phew! Sadly, I don't have a picture of it as a working fountain :( ).

Ha ha! Screw you Marcel Duchamp! :)

Anyway, what does this have to do with the house you say? WELL, I decided to save the little, teeny tiny water pump thinking, "hmm, maybe I'll use it for another art project someday..." Well, that art project is our HOUSE. We plugged in the baby pump and sat it in 1 of our 3 pools of standing water around the house. It pumps REALLY slow, but at least it pumps SOME of the water out

An actual solution will be needed, albiet down the line. Now this little problem has made it onto our 2010 revised to do list. How pathetic is that? 21 days into the new year and we already have a revised list. Damnit.


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meryl rose said...

thanks for stopping by! I'll definitely check out your progress too!