Spray Painting Frames

I have to admit, I was a bit worried about this project. I was a little unsure how well the spray paint would cover all my picture frames, but it actually turned out pretty marvelous (if I do say so myself).

The plan: to spray paint my picture frames that will hold art, awards, photographs, ephemra in my art room to match the colors of my art room fabric.

The paint: I have slowly picked up the correct spray paint colors at various home goods stores (warm yellow, apple red, key lime...all in gloss). I wanted to make sure I got colors I really liked and I really thought looked good with the fabric. The green was the most difficult to find, but I think it's my favorite color out of the three

The set-up: A few days ago (during a break from the rain) I took out all the frames I have (so far) and took whatever was in them out, sanded them down a bit, and then wiped them clean
I put all the frames together that would be sprayed the same color and got to work

The yellow and green took two coats, but the red took three (not surprising, red is always more difficult to deal with, no matter what project you're working on). I held the spray can about 1-1 1/2 feet away from the frames and tried to spray as evenly as possible, and also not to spray TOO MUCH (otherwise it would drip down the sides). I waited about 30-45 minutes between each coat, then an hour before I handled them and a full day before I put anything back in them. I think they covered pretty good

I normally have an aversion to decorative frames and get frames that are as plain as possible. But, I'm actually sort of curious to get some decorative ones and spray paint them to see how they turn out. Who knows, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

I would HIGHLY recommend using spray paint rather than regular paint to refinish picture frames. It went A LOT faster, and there is no streaking or visible paint strokes. There may be a little bit of dripage, but if you're super careful you can avoid it, and if not at least it's on the top and bottom, so you can't really see it very much. Plus, each can is only about $3.50, and it can probably cover 3-6 frames (depending on their size)

Now I just have to get some MORE frames for all my stuff that is so far frameLESS and hang up these babies

My walls are naked, they need artwork!

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