TV Room Paint Color, Take 2

Two reasons this round of paint samples went better than round 1.

The first: I went to a new Home Depot.

You may think this is a strange reason, but I was accosted by a rude Home Depot employee last time I went to get samples

I gave Mr. Paint Sample Man my little pieces of paper with the paint colors I wanted on them. I was very polite and asked for sample sizes and then went around the counter to wait on the "pick-up" side.

Chris and I have wondered before if any of the Home Depot employees recognize us because we're probably there 3-6 days a week, and the only one who does is the return girl. But apparently now another employee recognizes us, or at least me.

I'm standing waiting for my paint, fiddling with my phone when all of a sudden Mr. Paint Sample Man asked, "Why do you always look so mean whenever you come here? Are you just always in a bad mood or do you just always look mean?"

Ummm, excuse me asshole? Well, now I look mean because you're a fucking dick.

I couldn't BELIEVE he asked that. Sorry I don't walk around with a big fat smile on my face for no reason (personally, I think that would look a lot weirder and I might be afraid of someone who walked around smiling like a crazy person for no reason).

But apparently Mr. Paint Sample Man thinks I'm a bitch, so yesterday I went to another Home Depot because I still felt like slapping Mr. Paint Sample Man in the face.

Now, the MORE IMPORTANT reason round 2 went better: I picked better colors

So I painted my squares on the wall while watching some crappy reality TV and already felt there was a clear winner, but we'll have to wait and see what Chris thinks when he comes home


Tam said...

My current favorite-post-ever.

As someone who shares that face with you, I know you are not angry or mean when you have that expression on it. You are simply in full-concentration mode, with creative possibilites jockeying for position in your brain, where you review, analyze, accept and reject them at the speed of light.

Most humans don't have that going on inside. Nor are they hanging around with other humans who do.
Thus, they don't recognize that facial expression, and so they just move to default assumption of anger/displeasure.

However, we can also rise to the bitching occasion . . . .

meryl rose said...

Thanks momma!!!

It's funny because I remember you having that look on your face when you were studying for law school, and Adam and I were always afraid you were mad at us, hehehehehe.

I have inherited the "SUPER CONCENTRATION LADY" face :)

rltrcare said...

Meryl you crack me up!
Best laugh all day...BTW there is a nice paint store on Telegraph, probably Keller Williams. Did I mention you can buy foam core and paint sheets of this and move around the room to see how colors look?