Wet, Dirty, Tired and SORE

I don't know about you, but on a cold and wet Sunday morning Chris and I enjoy getting the old jackhammer out and demolishing part of our backyard "patio." It made for a fine, relaxing morning.

While we've been waiting for work on the garage to get started, we've gone ahead and started another garage task: getting power to the structure so that we no longer will have to run extension cords from the house whenever we work in there (which is A LOT).

So Saturday when I got home from work at the gallery, Chris showed me what he had been up to.

He got the LB attached to the back of the house (the power will come through this from under the house, into the ground, across the patio and to the garage)

He ran power from the other end of the house underneath the house

And he got out the roto hammer and started trying to chip away the concrete so that we can run the power from the house to the garage

Although the roto hammer has come in handy on MANY occasions, it just wasn't getting the job done this time :( So Sunday, despite the rain (well, more heavy drizzle) we headed over to Home Depot to rent a jackhammer and got to work

I even got in on some of the jackhammer action

Although I tried the jackhammer, and it was pretty fun, I left it mostly to Chris because that sucker was HEAVY and I kept going down too far and I'd get it stuck and Chris would have to help me lift it out.

Instead, I mostly swung the pick ax, further breaking up the concrete Chris had jackhammered, and then using the shovel to clear it out.

We worked REALLY hard for about 2 1/2 hours in the cold, damp mud and got positively FILTHY

Around noon we busted ass to return the jack hammer to Home Depot, flew home, and then I jumped in the shower and ran off to work at the Warriors, it was a LONG day for me.

But, our 12" ditch it nearly complete

The day, after Chris and I are both suffering a bit. I almost died at the gym this morning from soreness and exhaustion. And Chris has a sensitive back from hurting it pretty bad when he was younger, so working that jack hammer for so long yesterday is affecting him today. But, it's nice to be able to look out in the backyard and see a pretty sweet result of that soreness


vez said...

You still went to the gym the next day!?! That is awesome! :-)

meryl rose said...

Thanks!!! Although, now sitting here at my desk at work I feel like I may fall out of my chair and onto the floor....