The Dump

I mean our backyard.

I don't know why I even bother to write on this blog about what we're planning to do on weekends because we hardly ever do what I write/we plan. Well, I guess hardly is a little severe, but we frequently don't do what we were planning.

This weekend we were going to sister 2x4's to the studs, work on the electrical, and begin refinishing the monsterous garage doors. We started sistering 2x4's and got a LITTLE into electrical

But that was about it (we did start on refinishing the doors, but that post will be later this week).

Instead we worked on a few other projects...

One was starting to clean out our mess of a backyard

We found someone on craigslist who is interested in taking away some of our dirt, so that's exciting. But they won't be coming until Wednesday, and then we've got to get my friends who own a demo and hauling business to take the rest away for us....so the dirt is staying at the moment.

We did however make a dump run to haul away some of the construction debris, which was GREAT

A tip for you dump haulers whose dumps charge by cubic yard....while most dumps weigh you when you enter and exit to figure out how much to charge you by weight, the West Contra Costa dump checks out how large your load LOOKS and then charges you by the cubic yard. Chris was pretty sneaky and came up with a good trick: we don't load the truck as full on the driver's side (on the left in the above pic) because that's the side that the attendant looks at, so to him/her, if that side doesn't look as full (even though there's a TON in there), they tend to charge a bit less. SCORE! It's worked the last few times we've gone, so you might want to try that one out.

After the dump run our backyard was looking considerably cleaner (but still a MESS, just not a hot mess)

Hopefully by the end of this week the guy from craigslist will pick up the dirt he wants, I can get my friends to come pick up the rest, and the guys at BAU will haul away the concrete that was chipped out from the garage. That would make a vast improvement over this


Shiloe @ Tar Paper Crane said...

Wow! The garage is really coming along! Nice work!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Shiloe!!! Our goal is to HOPEFULLY be done with everything by the end of April, but you know how that goes....still on the list is finishing the electrical, reroofing and building shelves and work tables to organize everything. Hopfully we get there sooner rather than later!

LeighC said...

Just love those dump runs. You folks have been making great progress. I love that you have the old garage doors. One of the folks in my group (who lives in your area) has very similar doors and the last I heard they were on his to-do list for restoration. I can only imagine my garage had some kind of interesting carriage door but they are long gone.

meryl rose said...

Dump runs are the BEST! They give you such a sense of accomplishment :)

Our garage doors are an awesome original feature, I love them. Chris and I thought about trying to make them carriage doors and swing out, but I think with our backyard layout it would be too difficult (right now they slide on a track). We do have a fun painting/staining plan though...