Garage Doors

These are some big ol' honkin' garage doors

It took A LOT of effort to help Chris carry these outside

(we screwed in small pieces of 2x4's for "handles" so we had something to grab onto because these babies were HEAVY.)

The plan is to clean, patch, repair, sand, and refinish the doors and buy/install the piece of remaining glass and then rehang them on the garage. I LOVE these doors.

First we got to cleaning

Next we worked on repairing the left side of the right door. Along the side where the handle used to be the wood is splitting

So I shoved the claw of a hammer in the crack and twisted it to open the crack up a bit more and Chris poured some gorilla glue inside. Then he drilled a few screws in the side to help hold it in place while the gorilla glue got to work

Watching gorilla glue cure and work its magic is almost as exciting as watching great stuff do the same

Gorilla glue and great stuff sorta work in the same way (as far as expansion), except instead of insulating super well, gorilla glue glues SUPER well (as in, can't get it off your hands for a few days or EVER off your clothes)

(as you can see I was really enjoying taking pictures)

Yesterday before I left for work I patched some of the holes and damaged areas

We'll patch some more, put in the piece of glass on the left door, then prep it for paint and paint it (most likely white). On the other side (the exterior) we've got a much more exciting painting plan...... :)


LeighC said...

I wonder if you could make them work like an electric gate: on a track either top or bottom, cables, electric motor, remote...?

Tamara said...

I think you should have just solved the whole garage problem by Gorilla Glu-ing everything together. Next, use it to fill in the crack in the floor concrete.

meryl rose said...

Leigh: that is actually a really good idea, but I think Chris and I are too lazy to try something like that. There is a small track on there now and you slide the door open by pushing them, so it works in sorta the same way. Now that the garage is plumb it they should open A LOT easier.

Mom: I literally laughed out loud at that. I think Chris and I have underestimated gorilla glue as a tool..... :)

LeighC said...

It is something that you can always do later. Having smoothing-operating doors for now will be great!

LeighC said...

I looked on YouTube and found these side sliding doors:

This one is professional:


This one looks like a stock garage door opener mounted at against the back top wall of the door with some additional hardware to connect to the door:


meryl rose said...

The first one is a DREAM, but that second one definitely looks possible...that may be going on the wishlist!