Our Artichokes Have EXPLODED!

Apparently while we've been working on the garage our artichoke plant decided to EXPLODE

It's nearly as tall as I am (a bit over 5 ft.) and probably as wide as 8 ft. CRAZY.

We knew when we planted it that they get pretty big, but I had no idea that it would get this big this FAST.

We also knew that it would take a year until any artichokes would fruit. And SURPRISE, when I was walking by our vege bed while working on the garage over the weekend I spotted an artichoke!!!!

It's HUGE! In a week or so we should be able to cut it off and eat it, I'm SO excited! :) I love me some artichokes.

I was so excited upon spotting the sucker that I made Chris stop what he was doing on the garage (he wasn't too excited) to come check it out. When we got over to the plant we counted NINE! (Chris then shared my excitement :) ). Look how many!

After the artichoke excitement, we were reminded that it's about time to plant our tomatoes. I went to Flowerland Nursery, which is AWESOME to get organic tomatoes to plant and ask about how to tend to our artichoke plant (how to harvest and prune back).

This morning I moved around some of our plants in our vege bed and planted our new tomato plants

Last year our tomato plants were QUITE plentiful, so I can't WAIT for a Spring and Summer full of tomatoes and artichokes!


kitliz @ DIYdiva said...

Look at those things! Now I want to grow artichokes, but I may be out of luck this far north. How awesome. You have to share how you prepare them!

meryl rose said...

Normally when we buy them at the store we just steam them with lemons, but I may have to start being a bit more interesting...

I CANNOT believe how many/how big they are! It's amazingly exciting. We're really lucky with climate (doesn't get too cold here, I know VERY spoiled) and our backyard is positioned pretty well so we get nearly 8 hours of direct sunlight, pretty optimal for growing veggies (I know, spoiled again).