Day 6 of 17

I'm finally getting over being sick, but Chris is right in the thick of it, so we really have not been very productive over the last week. Also, now that it's baseball season, I'll be much more busy working A's games, which is good because I make more money, but bad because I work on the house a lot less (for instance, this week I have games Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and NEXT week Thursday and Sunday). Case in point for busy-ness, today is day 6 of 17 consecutive days with no day off. Normally I don't even really have days off because days I'm not working at a job are spent getting up early and working on the house, but this will be 17 days in a row with no chance at all to sleep in and take it easy because I'll be at one of my various jobs EVERY SINGLE DAY. So hope with me that I make it to Wednesday April 28th without keeling over.

But, what little work we have done in the mean time has been pretty productive.

You may remember that the concrete slab in the back of the garage was cracked all the way across, causing the back third of the garage to be about 2-5 inches lower than the front (depending on where you're standing). On the to do list was buying a handy $15 blade for the skill saw that can cut through concrete (best $15 spent!), and then breaking it all up and hauling it away.

Over the last week and a half we've done this job in pieces. It started with cutting a line across the concrete (Chris ran the skill saw while I followed along with the hose running VERY LITTLE water out)

With the line now cut all the way across we would break up all the concrete to the RIGHT of it. We both weren't feeling too hot that day, and we figured out that if you sat on a bucket and swung the sledgehammer, it was a lot less work for your body to do because you only had to lift it, after you got it up, you pretty much just let gravity do it's job. It took longer than normal, but it used a lot less energy

After breaking it up...

...we got out the sledgehammer to loosen it up so we could clear it out

Then came clearing it out of the space and shoveling up the loose bits, and boy was there A LOT

It took A LOT of work (thank goodness we did it in pieces, if we had done that all at once while we were sick, it would NOT have been pretty). But we got it all broken up and cleared out.

Next post I'll tell you how we leveled it all out to prep for the concrete pour and where we took ALL of that concrete we cleared out (AWESOME $30 spent).

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