Starting to Organize the Garage

You may remember a while back I started drawing up plans for how to organize the garage once it's all finished.

While we're finishing the structure bit by bit, Chris has gotten started building the shelving units for some of our storage containers and tools. Chris' dad gets a ton of wooden wine boxes at his job down in LA and gives them to us to use as storage containers. We've always stacked them or created small shelving systems for them to slide in and out of. We've got a lot of things to store away and organize for the garage, so getting these wine boxes for free is a great way to create a cool and CHEAP storage system.

Per the drawings I made, Chris has gotten started building the shelving system for them (in the drawing, the tall shelves with boxes in them on the left and the shorter one on the right are the shelves he's building for the wine boxes to slide in and out of...if you click the pic gets bigger so you can see better)

Now comes the task of organizing all of our tools and crap that are strewn all over the house

(at least that couch isn't there anymore, it's found a home in the TV room)

Last night while we were watching the basketball playoffs Chris got started shifting things around and organizing the wine boxes and what exactly will go in each of them

There's still some fine tuning, but it's looking pretty good. Now I'll just have to think of a cool label to do on the outside of all the wine boxes (because you KNOW I love labels)

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