Wine Box Storage Containers

Now that the concrete is poured, it's time to move in and finish building all the storage that will go on the back wall.

I, of course had work at the A's on Sunday, so I couldn't participate during the day, but Chris was able to get a lot done. I came home to a decent amount of stuff installed, organized and put away

(on the left all of the large clamps with be hung, in the middle will be a "counter" and a small peg board above, and on the right will be larger bags of stucco, concrete, etc.)

Chris had started to organize the wine boxes, but knew I'd enjoy figuring out exactly what order to put them in and what exactly would go in them. So once I got home in the later afternoon/early evening, I started separating things, organizing, shifting, etc. and putting it all together bit by bit

And of course, I couldn't forget the labels

Alas, my productivity was short lived however as I was so very very tired from work. But we almost completely finished organizing the first wine box tower (I think only one or two more boxes left) and I have a plan for some better labels :) So stay tuned :)

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