Happy 5 Year Anniversary!

Chris and I met while I was going to UC Davis and got a job at Tower Records. He was a manager there and actually interviewed me with the other manager (he was also wearing a GIANT'S shirt, and when I left the interview I shook hands with him and said, "By the way, I'm an A's fan.") When I walked outside to my car after the interview I called my mom to tell her how it went, and also tell her that one of the managers, Chris, was super cute :) Poor Meryl, he had a girlfriend at the time, so I quietly pinned for him.

Fast forward about 4 months later and we'd developed a good friendship, he was no longer with his girlfriend, and I VERY much looked forward to working with him on Saturday mornings :) We started hanging out, in fact, our first "date" (at least I considered it a date, Chris really had no idea), was when I invited him to an A's game. Then we went to the driving range, a couple movies, a dinner or two, and pretty soon, Chris figured out I was pretty awesome (I'd known it about him all along). But managers and clerks weren't allowed to date, so we had to keep our relationship a secret until I quit 2 months later to move to Texas.

Things have been pretty awesome ever since then. I'm a little crazy and emotional, and he's laid back and level headed. I think we fit together quite nicely. It's been 5 years now (well, 5 years last month, we're a little late on our celebration because the house has kept us busy), and it's time for us to celebrate. Normally on our anniversary we just go to dinner and a movie (not really any different from normal weekend plans, just maybe a nicer place than say...Chipotle - but hey, we LOVE Chipotle). But because this is one of those rounded off numbers, we figured we were supposed to do something a bit more special. So because we LOVE road trips (we've gone on MANY together), we decided to take a little road trip down to Fresno to visit some of Chris' family (and check out a tile place because rumor has it they have white basketweave with a gray dot...), and then head up the California coast, an area (despite being an almost lifelong CA resident), I've never really explored much of.

So readers, I hope you have a MARVELOUS Memorial Day weekend, Chris and I will be driving, chatting, visiting, exploring, adventuring....and just having fun hanging out together. I'll see you next week!

(this is the first pic of us together, taken on our first road trip, when we explored the Southwest when Chris drove with me when I moved to Texas. Aren't we just so cute you just want to throw up :) or at least throw something at us? hehehe)


Bradley and Jackie said...

5 years is an AWESOME anniversary milestone! I still cant believe I haven't met Chris yet!! I hope you guys have a great weekend together :D

meryl rose said...

Awwww, thanks Jackie!!!!! We had an awesome time together! And got back with one day left in the weekend to get some housework done :)