Ripping Up the Bathroom Floor

After revealing the condition of the subfloor and floor joists when I finished ripping up the tile, we learned that we needed to rip up a large portion of the floor in order to repair the joists. So, we got to it

Once we got enough of the subfloor removed it was time to start sistering 2x8's to the original joists. We made sure to install the new 2x8's longer than the area that we cut out for added strength

We also added in some blocking JUST to be safe

And we did some super professional testing by both of us jumping on it: it's not going anywhere.

The corner over by the toilet was a bit more tricky. The original builders (most likely the plumber) decided that it would be easiest to simply CUT OUT A FLOOR JOIST to install the toilet

(see the joist cut away on the top in the center of the picture? NOT good)

So we had to figure out how to reinstall the floor joists and also give proper blocking to support the floor while also maintaining the toilet plumbing. Ultimately we concluded that blocking forming a triangle would provide proper support, and we would beef up the joists where we could

We may add some more blocking, but the corner is definitely SUPER strong now, which is great news: no one wants to fall through the floor while they're on the toilet doing their business.


aptpupil said...

that guy in the picture looks like a real pro with his shorts, tennis shoes, and plumbing how-to books on the floor.

meryl rose said...

He's definitely a professional to ME! :)