Ripping Up the Tile

With the tub finally out of the bathroom, it was time for me to FINALLY finish ripping up the tile (a project that was started back in November).

I got out my old friend the roto hammer...

...and got to work

Bit by bit I broke the tile up

And then came the time for ripping up the chicken wire at the bottom of all of the tile. They basically laid the tile like you do stucco: a layer of chicken wire, a layer of (in this case) mud (but it was basically like stucco - the material was really thick and very coarse), and then the tile on top of that

And little by little I started clearing more and more tile out of the room

And soon, I'd gotten it all out

With the bare subfloor exposed, we discovered a bit more dry rot, but nothing worse than we'd already discovered

Normally you don't want a hole in your floor with the ability to see down into your crawl space.


kitliz @ DIYdiva said...

It's looking good though! One day you'll be soaking in your new tub a looking back on the roto-hammer memories fondly. At least, that's what I keep telling myself!

meryl rose said...

Seriously, it's what you HAVE to keep telling yourself! :) It is nice though to have felt like we've actually made some progress early on, that's always a good motivator in the beginning of a project.