Repairing the Bathroom Floor

It's been a few days since I've blogged - with working A's games, filming site inspections for my office job, going to baby showers and watching the basketball playoffs we've been pretty busy over here. But it's back to work!

When we last left the bathroom, the floor was looking like this

It was time to get a proper subfloor in there so we didn't have to worry about falling through the cracks when we were working in the tiny space (maneuvering around each other with a large portion of the floor absent was quite difficult).

First, we went out to the garage and used some of our leftover lumber to cut down some pieces to be the ledgers that we would drill the subfloor into

I labeled all the pieces so we would quickly know which gap they got nailed into in the bathroom

Then we measured how much lower the ledgers needed to be to make the new subfloor level with the existing subfloor (sorry for the really dark pic)

With Chris holding the ledger in place, I got out the impact driver and drove away. Soon, we had a floor we could walk on

The triangle and trapezoid pieces in the back left corner were pretty difficult to get cut out correctly (especially measuring where we needed to cut the hole out for the toilet drain), but we proved victorious

Last on the list was the area closest to the door where the bracing was. Chris got out the jigsaw and cut out two small squares to accomodate where the bracing would run into the subfloor, and we screwed them in

At this point we had a great subfloor that enabled us to walk around in the room without falling into our crawl space, and - more importantly - it was all dry rot free!

Over the weekend while I was out at my friend's baby shower, Chris surprised me with plywood laid down over the whole room!

The next step is laying down either Ditra or backerboard on the floor before we start getting ready to lay the tile (well, next step for the FLOOR, not the bathroom progress, we've still got a lot to do before we get there). We're still a little unsure about which one we're going to use, so if anyone has any suggestions, let us know!!!


aptpupil said...

latest idea is to use self-leveling compound followed by more plywood followed by schluter kerdi membrane (same stuff we're using in the shower). we'll have a totally waterproof bathroom.

Jesica Smith said...

nice post