Ripping Out the Bathroom Window

Chris and I have become well-versed in the art of ripping out walls in the name of dry rot and new windows. And the bathroom is really no different. Well, it is different in that we don't have to rip out an entire corner of the room and rebuild it. THANK GOD. But there is a window to tear out and some wood from dry rot to replace

We started by supporting the wall so it didn't come crashing down when we ripped out the dry rot and reframed the wall

Once the wall was properly supported we cut out the bottom plate

The bottom plate was just a LITTLE bit rotten

Once we ripped it out, it was time to take out the window, which was louvered, so it made it easy for taking out the glass

And once all the glass was out, it was time to cut it out of the frame

Once the trim was all cut through it was really easy to push it all out, so all we were left with was the bare opening

Nice and ready to frame in a new window!


garden office said...

I'm not an expert on this but once you get the window uncovered, the best way to have a window in a shower is to get a replacement window such as a vinal frame insulated glass window.

meryl rose said...

The new window in the bathroom is definitely vinyl and it's double pane insulated also, so you're right on target. That old window was DEFINITELY not energy efficient :)