Some Blog Love

I found two websites that were linking me to top 25 and top 50 home improvement blogs!!!!

I made the Top 50 Do-It-Yourself Blogs: DIY Must-Reads for Home Improvement Projects over at Homeownersinsurance.org, here's their blurb for Picardy Project:
"Meryl at The Picardy Project documents a multitude of DIY projects and also shows you how to make a stellar lemonade (assuming that you, too, have access to a bountiful Meyer lemon tree.)"

And here's a blurb about the article:
"You look upon your new (fixer) house, with its peeling paint and sagging floors, and think to yourself “I can do that. Couple weekends, little elbow grease…” Then you read the wisdom of these hardened DIYers, and you’ll either roll up your sleeves and get started (a little smarter) or, you’ll knuckle under and hire a contractor. Either way, there is much to learn, grasshopper. Read on."

And the Top 25 (!) Home Renovation and Remodeling blogs at arearugs.com (a website for "inspiration and design"). Here's their blurb about the article:
"If you’ve ever tried to renovate part of, or even your entire home, you know what a daunting task it can be. Whether you’re looking for guidance, inspiration, or you’re just curious to see what other people are doing to rebuild their homes, the blogs below feature renovations of all shapes and sizes."

Pretty awesome!!!! :)


aptpupil said...


Bradley and Jackie said...

sa-weet! You guys deserve to be #1

meryl rose said...

awww, thanks guys!!!! It certainly put a pep in my step :) with a happy dance to follow :)

LeighC said...

Congrats :)

meryl rose said...

thanks so much!!!

Shiloe Bear said...

Congratulations! People love this site!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Shiloe!!! :) And I just clicked over to your Tar Paper Star link too! :) Thanks so much!

Sicily at Home said...

Hi Meryl Rose,

Just stumbled onto your site from Tar Paper Crane. You have the cutest house. I'd never heard of Storybook homes and I just spend half an hour looking at photos of them. Fun!