Tile Delivery!

When I got home from work this evening, this is what the front porch looked like

Tile anyone?

Yes, you guessed right, that's all of our bathroom floor tile in all its glory! :) You may remember that I asked for your help to find white basketweave tile with a gray dot a while back. Some good suggestions found me looking on various websites, but I still couldn't find exactly what I was looking for (some had a dark gray - almost black - dot, and white with a white dot found itself a surprising close second).

Of course I made a spreadsheet of all the tile places I could find in the Bay Area (well not all, but 47, yes 47). I called all of them inquiring if they carried basketweave tile, and if they did if it had a gray dot, a LIGHT gray dot, and how much it was per square foot.

Few places carried basketweave (in fact many didn't know what I was even talking about, which to me, if you're a TILE STORE and you don't know what basketweave is, that's a little embarrassing). Even fewer had basketweave with a gray dot (black was everywhere, and most had cobalt as well), let alone a light gray dot, and those that did carried Walker Zanger or Akdo which ran upwards of $27 - $43 dollars a sq. ft. ($43 per sq. ft. makes me want to throw up).

When we went on our anniversary trip and decided to stop at a tile place in Fresno while visiting Chris' family I had a good feeling because they SAID they had LIGHT gray tile that was $14 per sq. ft. --> music to my ears! Alas, they were liars. They carried Walker Zanger with a light gray dot that was either in the high $20s or low $30s.

So, we were left to pay a hefty shipping sum to get our tile from Buytile.com (though the initial price per sq. ft. was only $12, so you really can't argue).

Upon receiving our lovely (and heavy) delivery, I unpacked all the boxes (bagging up the peanuts to save in case I need to ship something - it makes me feel better than throwing something away that's so wasteful and bad for the environment)

And here's our tile

Aaaahhhh, beautiful. I love the gray dot instead of the black, especially with our very light blue/green glass subway tiles for the wall to chair rail height and shower enclosure (please excuse my messy art room table the tile is sitting on)

(we'll be using those skinny pieces of tile for the trim where the tile meets the painted wall.

Now we've got about 175 square feet of tile sitting in the front room waiting to find their new home in the bathroom. At least it's not tools anymore - I guess we're making progress

And Chris is jumping on that trampoline as we speak, errr, type. What can I say, it's our post-dinner exercise :)


LeighC said...

I love that tile. Super!

meryl rose said...

Thanks! The colors are so calm and soothing together, I can't WAIT to see what they look like in the room! :)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

That tile is stunning. Can't wait to see it all installed!

meryl rose said...

Thanks so much!!! That tile was quite an ordeal, but I love it SO much, I cannot wait EITHER to see it installed, bahhhh!!!!!