Plumbing the Bathroom

We had to wait a while until all of our shower plumbing parts came before we could continue work on the bathroom. But once the valve came, it was back to work!

The directions wanted you to solder everything in place with the blocking up. When we got the valve in place with the blocking we could NOT figure out how soldering was possible with that set-up, so we took all the blocking down and brought all the plumbing stuff out to the garage and soldered our hearts out.

We hooked up the water and shower supply lines, as well as the tub faucet line

Once we got everything hooked up, we brought in back into the waiting bathroom...

...and installed it

(see that blocking that's holding the valve in place? How oh HOW were you supposed to solder all the piping with that in place????)

Next, we attached the hot and cold supply lines

(this pic isn't uploading properly, what is with blogger?)

Once the plumbing for the tub and shower was done, it was time to move the tub BACK into the room. Without my brothers and dads here to help out, the task for Chris and I was a little difficult. But, we pulled it along through the house on a few towels and it didn't take us TOO long

But it did take 3 lifting and setting it down attempts to put it in the proper place so the plumbing lined up. That was NOT fun.

Once the tub was in, it was time to check and make sure that all the plumbing worked and that nothing leaked

We had a small leak at the drain that just needed Chris to tighten some things up (though we still haven't checked the overflow...). But things are looking pretty good! If only we could do something about how SLOW the tub drains...


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