A Toilet Problem

Warning: we will be talking about toilet issues.

Our bathroom renovation is moving along SLOWLY at the moment. But someday, we'll be installing a toilet.

Chris bought one at Home Depot today with the intention of making sure our plumbing fit correctly and that the toilet actually fit (we'll return it sometime this week, I know, bad manners). But one thing I noticed is that the toilet bowl is REALLY close to the tub

So here is the problem: does this give us enough room to sit on the pot?

I never actually used the toilet in this bathroom (for many reasons we just always used the one in the back before we ripped this one all down), so I don't know if the old one fit this snuggly when your tushy was sitting on it.

I like elongated seats more than the round ones (more seating room), but I think we may have to go with a round one because I fear someone may slam their head into the shower enclosure when they sit down (we'll be getting glass sliding doors)

So! Here is my question (or, I guess questionS) for you:

Should we go with the round toilet? Less bum room, but more move-around-the-toilet and don't-slam-into-the-shower-enclosure room.


Do we go with the elongated toilet? More bum room, but fear of bruises on the forehead from repeated shower enclosure smacking...


Sally said...

I had the same problem when I redid my bathroom. Went with the Kohler "Memoirs" round bowl in "Comfort Height" and Class 5 flushing technology! Love it!

vez said...

I would definitely go for the round toilet ... the comfort height idea makes sense though.