Bison Beige

We've finally started making tangible progress in the bathroom, and next up on the list was PAINT!

First, I went over all the great texture Chris applied to gently sand down any rough and bulbous areas. Next, and VERY importantly, I went over all the walls and the ceilings with a very lightly damp sponge to remove any leftover dust or particles from the joint compound. If you don't do this step, the dust will make the primer have trouble making a bond with the walls. Make sure the sponge is only lightly damp though

And it was a good thing I did, look at how dirty those walls were

Next, I got to priming

After that, it was time to pick the color. If you remember, our bathroom wall tile is a light blue/green/aqua color. I went through the fan deck and picked out some similar shades - light grays with a hint of blue or light greeny/blue shades. But they just didn't feel too exciting. I decided 2 colors would be contrasting compliments: a yellow and a brown.

Armed with my samples...

...I tested out some colors

In the first pic: the shade on the left I love (very light blue), but it's too too close to the color of the tile and thus makes the room look really boring. Very monochromatic. The yellow in the middle, combined with the blue/green tile makes for nursery colors. No. The shade on the right (kind of a dirty light gray), I really liked and thought it made for a nice contrast with the tile, but Chris wasn't too fond of it.

The second pic: the shade on the left (4) we both liked on the wall, but with the tile next to it, it looked bland. Sooooo, we were left with 1, BISON BEIGE, and, interestingly, we both really liked it! Chris and I were both nervous about using a darker brown in such a small space, but we really liked the color and loved the contrast with the tile and how well it will go with all the fixtures and how great the white trim pops against it.

A paint color picked on the first round!? My, I've never heard of such a thing :) (at least in this house). So we bought a gallon of Bison Beige, and on spare evenings and afternoons between various jobs we got the color on the walls

(and the light on the ceiling! Like it? I love the pattern the light makes on the ceiling).

As you can see, we also ended up installing a fan (above the toilet area), something we thought we were too lazy to do before. Chris also installed a fancy timer for it

So, do you like the wall color? I love the contrast it provides with the trim

Now I can't WAIT to get the tile on the walls!


BunnyMendelbaum said...

I really like the color. Our bath is a blue-green and I'm bored with it. Did you go semi-gloss? If you decide to repaint, I highly recommend Ben Moore's Spa & bathroom paint. It is matte, but cleans easily and is moisture resistant.

meryl rose said...

thanks so much! And congrats on your counters! :)

We did og with semi-gloss, but I will DEFINITELY keep that Ben Moore paint in mind because we've got another bathroom renovation down the (long) line. THANKS!!!

Anonymous said...

The light's patterns and the trim look magnificent together with the walls. It's so perfect, and I can't believe you chose it after one trip! You guys are becoming a more deadly-efficient renovating team...