Labeling the Electrical Panel

I hate when we do electrical work at our house because whenever I have to figure out what breaker needs to be turned off, I never can (what the hell does "DNG RM W WL NK" mean?)

I labeled this a LONG time ago, but because I'd used so many abbreviations, I can never quite tell what the hell I'm talking about. Whoops.

Now, we have this sheet tucked into the panel

But I always have to count down all the breakers till I get to the one the text is talking about. There needed to be an end to this maddness.

So I got out my label maker and started making some labels

There isn't enough room to put the label of what outlets, lights, etc. are attached to that breaker, so instead I numbered the breakers

Then I formated the sheet that we had all the text of what the hell was attached to each breaker so that it could be taped nicely to the panel (instead of flying off whenever we walk by, or open the panel, which is what happened when it was just tucked in before)

Ahhhh, order and sensibility

I hate that the stupid sharpie is behind the labels, but when American Electrical ran our new service, they have to label the panel by code (or something like that), so I really can't fault them.
Eventually I'll put the text on the upper part of the inside of the panel door so it's out of sight, but for now it stays here as we've got more changes that will be made and I just want it to be convenient at this point.

Renovating = convenience and ease. Then when we're done (in 3 years, sigh.....) we can think about aesthetics.


Old House Lover said...

Sharpie writing can be removed with isopropal alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Use sparingly. Warning it is flammable.

Anonymous said...

Aah, so clear and easily decipherable! Meryl if you have nail polish remover try some on the sharpie next time you're multitasking. :)

aptpupil said...

i'd start with the alcohol, acetone is more powerful and might take off some finishes.

white collar | green soul said...

This makes me realize that tolerating the chicken scratch the previous owner's put on our electrical box is silly. I'm going to label ours ASAP.