Laying the Kerdi

The wonderboard is down on the floor and walls where tile will go, but it's not a 100% waterproof surface. Because it's made out of concrete, it's porous, and therefor needs a waterproof barrier. We could have gone with craft paper, or felt paper, but we went the Mike Holmes route (ie - a bit overkill) and bought Kerdi paper, a 100% waterproof barrier (that's a bit pricey).

But at least we know we'll be waterproof, no more rot like this

First, you need to CLEAN the floor (or whatever surface you're putting it on) so there is no debris, dust, or dirt

Next, measure out the space, roll out the kerdi, and cut your sheets

We clearly cut ours big - to be safe of course.

Next, apply a thin layer of thinset

And lay the kerdi down on top

It's important after you've laid it down to really work at smoothing it all out, getting the bubbles out and other imperfections so it's all nice and flat. Otherwise, your when you lay your tile it'll look like crap.

We had our pieces run up onto the wall a bit as well (you can see on the left in the above pic), just to make sure that water didn't collect in the corners (an often forgotten about place, but VERY important).

Then it's just a matter of lather, rinse, repeat till you've got all your surfaces covered (you only need to cover surfaces that water may hit - for us, the floor and shower area)

Now that we're waterproof, tile is next!


aptpupil said...

fyi: we used kerdi instead of ditra on the floor because ditra doesn't accept smaller tile sizes like those found in the basketweave tiles we'll be using.

keith weidlich said...

Fuck kerdi! No use for durock..and thinset? Please. .this shit wasn't out 50 years ago! And they d Id fine ..waste of time!

keith weidlich said...

Kerdi is a waste of time if you already used durock or whatever!