Grouting the Basketweave

After finishing laying the hellish but beautiful basketweave floor...

...it was time to grout.

First up was scraping out all the little bits of thinset that had shoved their way close to the surface of the tile

This involved a few hours of Chris and I down on our hands and knees with utility blades emitting loud sighs and sometimes curse words

And despite our small bathroom, the fact that basketweave tile has SO MANY grout lines, this job took a long time (and none of it was any fun at all). But, by scraping the thinset out we got a more even grout job and more consistent color.

We were hoping to be able to grout the same day as we scraped, but two damn little gray dots decided to pop out, so we needed to re-thinset them back into place. In my frustration I told Chris we should just gorilla glue them back into place and then grout over it 30 minutes later. But Chris (responsibly) made us re-thinset, let it set the proper amount of time, and then go back to grout a few days later. Damn responsibility.

A few days later we were ready to grout, so we mixed it up...

...and got started.

There really isn't any crazy secret to grouting except to shove that crap into all the cracks with the grout float

When we thought we were done we made sure to go over everything to inspect and make sure that we filled in all the little itty bitty lines

We waited a little bit for the grout to get hazy, then we used the sponges in a circular motion to wipe it off the surface of the tile

It took A LOT of wipping. It was wipe, wipe, wipe, clean the bucket out, wipe, wipe, wipe, clean the bucket out...We did that process many, many times. There always seemed to be a BIT of haze left on the tile

But finally, it was done. And the shade of white of the grout was just a tiny bit brighter than the white of the basketweave, and it made it all pop JUST enough

Now we just have to seal the floor and then we can check this off the bathroom list! (which is getting MUCH smaller :) yay!)


white collar | green soul said...


meryl rose said...

yay! :) :) :) thanks!!!!

Tamara said...


You guys should be tile-installers. (For profit, not love.)

threeacres said...

Beautiful! I like the white grout. Most people use gray which it gives it a whole different look.

Flooring Pro said...

WOW! Congratulations to both of you, that looks amazing, love the detailed tiles. Glad that you went the extra mile, sometimes it pays off to do the responsible thing ;)

mary said...

Wow! It looks great. I love the carrara with the grey dot.

Where did you get this colorway of basketweave mosaics?

meryl rose said...

Hi Mary. Thanks so much! We got the floor tile at Buytile.com. They're per sq. ft. prices are pretty good (we're thinking about getting more tile from them for our second bathroom), but their shipping is a little pricey :( But it rounds out to a good price still. Hope you find good stuff! Oh, and they frequently have small sales (8% off, stuff like that), so I'd google around for a coupon cuz it'll be worth saving a few extra bucks.

lvnmt said...

I love your blog its been so helpful.
We are constructing a bathroom almost identical to yours. Could you suggest or remember what types of thinset you used. I am so confused by what types to use. We will be tiling a shower and floor and walls just like you did. Any information is very much appreciated.

Thanks! angela dusko