Pull-Up Party

My mom and Clarke (CBH) now have some projects for us to do at their house too (along with the work we're doing at my dad and Wendy's). It's great doing work at their houses - we make some extra money, get different experiences, and get the satisfaction of actually finishing projects.

Now, I know what most of you are thinking: when I decide to landscape my backyard, the first thing that's going in is a pull-up bar. Well, my mom and CBH are crazy worker-outers (and it pays off because they can probably both beat me up), so up went the pull-up bars - his and hers of course.

CBH scoped out the area last week and decided where he wanted them to go and dug some pilot holes

Friday night we headed out to their house to sleep over and early yesterday morning we got to work (we've had MUCH hairier drives back from Home Depot than this one)

Our instructions stated that the pull-up bars needed to be 36" into the ground, so we got to digging (and digging, and digging, and digging. It was not a fun 60-90 minutes in the blazing heat)

We ended up using plastic cups to scoop out the dirt towards the end because you can see how deep the holes are by the absence of my arm and there was no way a shovel was getting down that far.

After nearly 90 minutes of digging with our bodies covered in dirt and twings and our faces dripping with sweat we figured, "you know what, 30 inches down is PLENTY deep enough"

So we mixed up some concrete and starting putting the 12' posts in

We even made a nice little step at one of the posts so you could more easily reach the bar

We got quick-setting concrete, so while we waited for it to setup we worked on some other projects and had some lunch. A few hours later we returned ready to install the bars.

First, we measured how high up CBH wanted the bars, made some practice cuts on spare wood to find the right size bit, then got to work drilling the holes in the 4x6's

With the holes drilled, we slid in the bar and cut it down to size (with about 1/4" - 1/2" coming out of each post)

After we figured out the height for the second one, drilled the first hole, and then shoved in the bar to find out where it was level to drill the second hole, we realized we made a LITTLE mistake

Our middle post was in correctly at the bottom, but it tilted out a little at the top and was a tiny bit twisted, which, over almost 8 feet makes a big difference. So, we got out the ratchets and tried to pull it to the right as much as possible

Then, with some pushing, pulling, tweaking, and hammering we were able to drill the second hole and shove that pole into place, and the bars looked GREAT!

And Clarke christened them with the first pull-up

Hope you have fun on your pull-up dates mom and CBH! :)


Tamara said...

Thanks for the great work, guys! When I come home from Whidbey, I will put those bars to good use. It will be terrific to be able to practice at home, instead of only when at the gym.

You think that's odd and funny, huh? Ah, but there are much worse addictions to have! And when you don't have to be wiping our butts for way longer than your friends have to with their aging parents, you will realize you shouldn't have been mocking our workout dates :)


Anonymous said...

On Sunday I sanded, primed and painted the bars. I decided on white to keep the bars as cool as possible in the sun. Anyway, they look awesome. Thanks so much for the great work. And, don't forget the new shear walls in the basement, installed while the concrete dried for the pull-bars.


meryl rose said...

mom - it is true, I will be glad I don't have to wipe your butt for too long, especially because we agreed I have to take care of you because I made you see Titanic when I was in 7th grade :)

CBH - that post is coming next! :)