Road to Hana

We're back from Hawaii! It was absolutely AMAZING! The relay was the hardest and funnest thing I've ever done. It was truly awesome.

We also had an wonderful time fiddling around discovering the island of Maui.

We spent some time at the beach (where I snorkled, which, if you don't know me is VERY exciting because I'm afraid of the ocean, YES, I'M AFRAID OF THE OCEAN)

Chris and I drove all the way around the western portion of the island, which was pretty exciting because there was no road that went all the way around on the map. Now I know why, this is the road we were on for 10 miles

(that sign looks like it belongs in Pee Wee's Big Adventure)

We found some pretty cool spots on the island while driving around that were quite picturesque

(Chris wanted to move closer to the edge, but I told him I was about to throw up because it freaked me out so much)

Speaking of about to throw up: on Thursday SOMETHING happened (food poisoning or quick flu) and I DID throw up. We drove a practice Road to Hana with each person running their worst leg and I was sitting in the back about to vomit the entire time, and then did when we got home. I was a bit scared about what would happen Saturday for the race because I was feeling LIKE CRAP, but I was fine the next day. Phew!

The day after the race (Sunday) Chris and I drove up to Haleakala to cruise around and check the crater out

We also tried to drive all around the south/east part of the island, but I made a navigating mistake, so we instead discovered a bit of the Maui desert

and then stopped for shave ice in Kihei

Our house was AMAZING! We stayed a ways up a hill from Paia and there was an AWESOME pool, a pool table, BEAUTIFUL scenery, and a frog and cat we became friends with :)

(you really can't go wrong with a view like that from the breakfast table)

(the boys hanging out)

(we rescued this frog from the pool, and then he decided to hang out with us for a while)

Now, for the race.

Holy crap it was AMAZING! Here we are shortly before the start (6:15, good thing it wasn't the 5:30am start time, ughhhhh)

The race was 52 miles, 156 teams, LOTS of hills (my terrible leg was .5 uphill, .2 downhill, 1.5 uphill - I thought I was going to die. Clarke had one that was 2.1 uphill to start. GROSS).

So, 52 miles, 18 legs and we ran it in a total of 7 hours and 19 minutes!!!! (the winning team did it in a bit over 5 hours!!!!!!) We wrote in to get our seeding with an estimated time of 7 hours and 45 minutes (which is JUST under 9 minute miles), so we destroyed our time! Clarke average 7:28 over his 14 miles (!!!!), I averaged 8:00 over 10.5, my mom and Chris averaged about 8:20 over 9.5 miles and my step brother Erik came in at 10:20 over 8.5 (these are all approximate). Erik got injured on his last leg because he didn't train hard enough and his body did not enjoy the run. As payment for the years he made fun of me growing up, I will now be rubbing it in his face that my mile time was 2:20 faster than his for the next 3 years :)

I had SO MUCH FUN!!! It is AMAZING!!! People were so dressed up, so spirited and so supportive! Every time you came running up to the next hand-off point everyone there would scream and cheer you on. It was so cool.

Here is Clarke starting the race

And then my mom and Erik handing off

Clarke stopping in the middle of town on my mom's first leg to get them both a latte, can you tell how Californian we are?

Chris took this one of me in the middle of my devil leg

Chris getting in the zone

People's costumes were AWESOME! And their cars were decorated in amazing ways as well. Our favorite team (which also won the award for most spirited) was the "streaker team." They wore nude bodysuits and drew hair on them and the boys pinned fake penis' to their suits and wore their race bib right over them and the women pinned on fake nipples and whenever they handed off the baton the next runner would have all their "real" clothes on and strip down to their nudey bodysuits to the sound of everyone whooping and cheering. It was HILARIOUS

It really was the trip of a lifetime. The day after the race we were all a bit sore and tired, but it wasn't terrible. We all wanted to do it again, hehehehe :) I actually started searching online for other relays for us to do! Apparently running relays in the 175-225 mile range are all the rage (HOLY CRAP), but we're looking to do some that are around 50 miles, so if you know of any, LET US KNOW!

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