The Saga of the Sink

You may or may not remember, but 3 1/2 months ago we bought our bathroom sink (which I was IN LOVE LOVE LOVE with)

When we first bought it back on June 12th, we were told that it normally takes about 3-6 weeks for them to come in. Fine. We've got LOTS of projects that we have to do, and there is NO WAY we'll be done and ready before then.

Within a few days we got a phone call letting us know we should expect it at the end of July. The place we bought it from was super nice about it, and we knew it wasn't their fault, Porcher just decided to start selling a sink they hadn't even started manufacturing yet. DUH!

Another week or two goes by, we get another phone call. Now we should expect it in the middle of August. That's fine, WHATEVER. Still, we're working diligently on many projects so we won't be ready for it before then.

Another two weeks goes by and I haven't heard anything. It's in the mid-20s of August so I thought I'd give the store a call to see what was going on. Apparently it got placed on even FURTHER backorder and the guess was that it would be ready by the end of September. HUH?!

At this point we realize that Porcher is a bunch of idoits. Not only do you start selling a sink that you haven't even started manufacturing yet, but then you have no idea how long it will take and keep delaying the ETA by weeks and weeks and weeks. Thank goodness we're doing the work ourselves (and at this point training heavily for Hana and working a lot of my dad and Wendy's so work on the bathroom was sort of stalling). But the showroom we bought it from had placed another two orders for it and their bathrooms were sitting, waiting for that damn sink to arrive.

Then, I got a call in the late teens of September. Thinking the sink was here I got very excited. No, the showroom was just letting me know that the idiots at Porcher had just shipped a bunch of pedestals but FORGOT to include all the sink basins (though we got ours as a wall mount, the other orders got them as pedestals).

Another week later Chris got a phone call. The sink is here! Wait, scratch that, it's broken. They have to ship another one. DAMNIT!

So yesterday you can imagine my excitement when I FINALLY got to go to the showroom to pick up our nice, pretty, undamaged sink :) :) :) And I realized what further idiots the people at Porcher are, THIS is how they "packed" the sink

Hmmm, "well Meryl, that's just a plain box, I don't get it." Yes, that's right, it's just a plain box. I know when I'M shipping an expensive, porcelain sink, I like to include PACKING MATERIAL. There were no peanuts, styrofoam, extra cardboard, packaged air thing-a-ma-jiggers, NOTHING. Just a cardboard box with the sink thrown in. Now, I'm pretty granola (when I was living in TX people called me a crazy hippie), so I know styrofoam and all that is really bad for the environment, but selling sinks that break in transit and then have to go to a landfill is also bad for the environment.

So, my review of Porcher: BEAUTIFUL sink, PRETTY stupid front office.

But at least now our sink is sitting pretty, waiting patiently to be installed

Now we've just got to tile, but we've laid out all of our plans so it should go pretty smoothly (in terms of where the subway tile will start, what corners get little stub pieces, etc.)

(don't worry that long stack of them on top of each other is incorrect, we'll obviously be staggering the tiles, we were just getting a spacing measurement).

Now just on to tiling 100+ sq. ft. of subway tile, one by one by one...


threeacres said...

That sink is awesome! That's too bad about the customer service though. That is way too long to be waiting. How do they expect people to be using their bathroom without a sink?

When we had our hearts set on some Clopay garage doors but they didn't make them in our odd size. We heard a rumor that they might start making them in the size we wanted so we waited. Sure enough they started offering them but we had an estimated date of arrival and they stuck to it. We're so glad we waited! We get so many compliments on them.

meryl rose said...

It is one of those things when it's happening it's SO annoying, but once you get through the wait and you have the product in your hands, it is WAY worth it :)