18 Pounds of Candy

Halloween is very exciting on our street. Many kids get dropped off on Picardy to go trick or treating on our block and most of the neighbors do their part to keep it fun (one woman down the block has a GINORMOUS blow up spider on the side of her house).

Last year we made some pretty cool jack-o-lanterns

And this year I was excited to make some fun ones again.

So I broke out the drill for a fun polka dot pattern and whipped up a scream worthy pumpkin thanks to Edvard Munch

Once they were done I set them out on our porch

And this evening they greeted our many many many visitors (we went through 6 bags and 18 pounds of candy)

The polka dot one was a big hit, so I'll definitely be making a similar one next year. Hope everyone had a Happy (and safe) HALLOWEEN!!!!


Bradley and Jackie said...

I only had a handful of trick or treaters here! BOO... Next we we need to come to OAKLAND!

meryl rose said...

You should! Our block is SWARMING with kids

Tamara said...

I love the polka dots!

And your whole orange them is very . . . GIANTS :)



meryl rose said...

I'll pretend I didn't hear that mother..... ;)