Finally Illuminating Recessed Lights

Waaaaaaay back when, we planned the bathroom lighting to have two small recessed lights over the shower because we knew our center light wouldn't provide enough light for the room

The problem is, those nice, small, damp-room-safe recessed lights we got at Home Depot are a mysetery to complete because Home Depot doesn't carry the proper light bulbs for them. DUH! Why, Home Depot, would you carry lights and not the right light bulbs? Grrrrr.

So we searched other stores to no avail. Double grrrrr. All the bulbs we found at other places were the right length but not the correct amount of prongs into the fixture, or the right amount of prongs, but the wrong length (ie, it came OUT of the recessed can.)

FINALLY, Chris and I found some online. So now, our bathroom is properly illuminated, yay!

Who would have thought these lights would be so hard to find?

Before (with just our center light)


Now on to more tiling....


Gene said...

The bathroom is looking good!

Out of curiosity, what kind of bulbs are they? They look sort of like the ones we've got in the recessed cans above the kitchen sink.

threeacres said...

Those two lights make a huge difference! They really show off all the hardwork you put in tiling the shower. I can only laugh at the fact that HD sells a fixture but doesn't carry the bulbs. In the future when you need to replace them I'd see if any of the battery stores in your area carry light blubs. Ours have started doing this and it's been really handy to find odd bulbs (like inside your refrigerator).

meryl rose said...

Aww, thanks so much! It is CRAZY how much difference those two little lights make. And I know, it's silly (although not surprising) that HD sells a light but not it's bulbs. Good idea about the other stores...

Thanks Gene! I actually took a picture of the box so we'd be able to find them again when they went out, lol. They're Philips PL-T 18 watt 4 pin.