Really? REALLY?

This isn't what I like to discover on a Sunday morning

That's right, a fucking LEAK in my art room. The same room we essentially REBUILT a year ago

Chris and I were REALLY pissed off. It was not a great way to start work on Sunday morning, especially considering we didn't get any work done on Saturday and we were only going to get a 1/2 day out of Sunday.

So we got up on the ladder and inspected things

And we're pretty sure we know what went wrong. Not to put the blame on anyone else and say we do a great job on everything (although, I think we do a good job, I know there are plenty of things we could get better at), but this one is thankfully not our fault. Our stucco guy didn't tie in the new stucco to the old stucco very well and if you press on the stucco just above the window...

...you can actually feel the stucco give way a bit and tell that the connection isn't great.

So that sucks. What sucks more is that we first hired our stucco guys through a contractor. One of them, Lupe, was great. We tried to get his number, so next time we needed stucco done we could just call him directly. We missed out though :( and didn't get it. One of the other guys, Rafael, was pretty good, so we got his number. Since then he's been doing our stucco work. But, the risk you take just hiring a laborer outside of the contractor is there is pretty much no recourse we can take in terms of a warranty, etc. So, it's our mistake :( Big lesson learned.

So from now on Rafael will NOT be getting called do the stucco.

Our neighbor is having his house repainted and that's down on our list of things to do. We had his contractor come over to check out our house to see how much work/cost it would be to do ours (while we would really like to paint the house ourselves, because of the state of the stucco and paint all around the house, it will be a TON of prep and so it might be something that is better left up to the professionals to make sure it gets done right and doesn't take us 9 months). When he was talking with us about it he also noticed the poor state of the stucco and paint and talked with us about getting a friend of his who does stucco to do a skim coat over one of the sides of the house. We'll have to check this guy out and get some references, but if all goes well, hopefully we'll have a new stucco guy.

And when we tackle getting the back of the house stucco'd...

... (A LOT of work to get there) we'll have him break away the stucco around the leaking window to repair it.

Overall, some pretty crappy news to wake up to, but a solution that's not terrible and won't take too terribly long to fix. And in the grand scheme of housework, I guess that's not too bad. But we would like it if projects went according to plan once, just once.

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meryl rose said...

* I take that back - at least some of it is still our fault because apparently our flashing has failed somewhat as well