Trenching for Termites

When we moved in we knew we had a minor terminte problem. The responsible homeowners we are we didn't do anything about it for nearly 2 years. We got a few bids in the range of nearly $2000, so we said, "No thanks, we'll take care of it ourselves." Part of the reason why we also decided to take care of it ourselves was because the termites hadn't gone crazy, they were only in one area, and they were pretty dormant.

Today, between last week's rain and the rain that is supposed to start again tonight, we decided to take care of the termite situation. Digging: a nice break from tiling. Just kidding, they both suck.

But digging we did.

I started on the side of the house, which, thanks to our fence building late last year, we now have access to

The termites were only present in the front corner of our house, so thankfully we were able to keep the digging to a minimum.

For our termite project we only needed to dig a small trench around the border of the house where the termites used to be present, pour a termite specific pest solution into the trench, put dirt back in the trench, and the repour the solution on top.

So dig dig dig I went

And Chris went dig dig dig in the front (and I later joined when my baby dig on the side was complete)

In the midst of digging we found 2 friends

Which we transplanted

Chris also took care of some digging and bracing under the house. Normally going under the house isn't my favorite thing to do, but I do it. This job however I did NOT want to do. In that front corner of the house there's about 11" of clearance, and I didn't want to have a panic attic from claustrophobia, so Chris took one for the team.

Once all the digging was done it was time to get the termite solutoin ready. We got out the $13 spray pump we bought at HD (that was amazingly made in the USA). After mixing a small amount in the pump for Chris to take under the house, we mixed up a bunch more in 2 five gallon buckets

While Chris took the pump under the house (equipped with a respirator) I took the buckets and got to work pouring the solution into the trenches in the front and side of the house

After the first round of pouring I filled in the trench and poured out the last of the solution of top

And after Chris emerged from under the house we cleaned things up and called the project done. I like it when I project starts AND finishes in one day :)

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Timothy said...

That's a dirty job but you did it. Well done.