And Then Some More

We got another big chunk of tiling done, woo-hoo!

It took us 90 minutes to lay 10 tiles to start - not a super great rate - but MUCH time was spent planning and cutting.

We started here

And we started our time planning how the hell to tile that small little wall, especially considering the wall is a tad wavy and not plumb. There were LOTS of sighs, what-the-hells, groans...you get the idea

I took out our list of tile cuts that had to be made and Chris laid them up there. We went back and forth about how to align things to make it took the most normal as possible. But in the end, a 3 inch wall is really strange, so you do the best you can

I think it looks pretty good.

Once the weird wall was done and I had cut all the tiles for the bottom of the next wall, we moved on to some speedy tiling: 70 tiles in 2 hours. AWESOME

And the full wall is looking great!

AND we finally filled in 3 tiles on the shower wall that have been missing for some time

Tile stats (of COURSE!): 3.5 hours and 83 tiles. About 24 tiles an hour. 25.5 total hours.

ALLLLLL that's left is the bit on the top of the shower enclosure area

And of course all the trim :( But the end is near! I can smell it!

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