An Insurmountable Goal?

I have stated goals and made proclamations about how much we intend to get done on a given weekend, by the end of a week, or whatever. They have rarely ever been completed so I have stated that I shouldn't state them anymore. And so, it would only be fitting for me to state one again :)

So here it goes:

We want to FINISH the bathroom, kitchen and foyer by the end of the year. That's right, just 6 weeks.

Writing that just sounds ridiculous. It's quite a lofty goal.

Here's what it entails:

Kitchen (this was a project started as soon as we moved in nearly 2 years ago, and after not having an operable kitchen for 7 months, as soon as we could cook in it, we moved on)

Finish installing the door and window trim and paint it
Install upper cabinet trim and baseboards and paint them
Finish installing the backsplash
Grout backsplash
Seal backsplash and counters (a once a year task)
Install frame on wall calendar and paint it (more about that project later)
Finish electrical for stove and install it
Enclose fridge? (not sure about this one)
Cut down, stain and install pass-through
Install switchplate covers

Foyer (we didn't have a front door for the first 5 months we lived here. Yes, that's right, NO FRONT DOOR. We revisited this project earlier this year to finish it up, but didn't quite get there...)

ALL we have to do for this one is stain and install the baseboards


FINISH installing the tile and trim
Grout tile
Seal tile (floor and walls)
Install ducting for fan
Figure out and install a shower enclosure
Install sink
Install toilet
Install cabinet over toilet and mirror over the sink
Figure out bathroom artwork, get it, put it up
Move in "accessories" (corner cabinet, towels, soap dish, blah blah blah)
Finish last touches on door reversal
Paint and install door

What we have standing in the way

I have two afternoon/evening fairs
A day long fair
A entire WEEKEND fair
A weekend in LA
Family Christmas celebrations
A football game to attend
Painting at my brother's
A day long movie watching extravaganza (Chris and my's Christmas day tradition)
48 more movies to watch (Chris has a yearly goal of watching 300 and we're currently 48 short)
Our jobs

Clearly we're delusional if we think this is at all possible...


threeacres said...

Wow, good luck on getting all...well most of your goals done! I say for sure get the entry done so you can cross at least one room off your list. Oh and I love your movie watching goal. My husband and I are big movie watchers too. I got him a year long Netflix subscription long before it was popular and we've had it ever since. And now that we have it on Xbox Live we use it even more.

Tamara said...

But it's a good delusional.

meryl rose said...

Thanks for the inspiration!!! Good delusional is what keeps us all going (or at least me. Most of the time.)

Robin - Chris watches CRAZY amounts of movies, one year he watched over 500 (like I said, the boy is insane). But I never stop plugging my insanely lovely boy :) so I'll pass along his movie webpage where he reviews EVERY movie he watches
Just being a dutiful girlfriend :) Happy movie watching to you and Flannel Man!!!!!