More Tile Prep

You may think that's a strange blog post title given that we've been tiling in the bathroom FOREVER. But we've moved on to another tiling job (of course while still working on the first, you know how things go).

When we bought the stove there was a number of things we needed to do to actually move it into the kitchen. It's still sitting patiently in the nook

First was FINALLY trimming out the kitchen window in order to move onto backsplash installing. This untrimmed window has been sitting bare and naked of trim for a year and a half

Chris cut a sill out of poplar and we installed it

We decided against going with the piece of trim under the sill that you normally see and opted to install the backsplash all the way up to it. The area under the window and behind the sink is a bit small so I thought so much trim and material changes in a confined space might make it look really busy.

Next we moved on to the trim

Which included putting up our $24 each corner pieces (ughhhhhhh. $50 in window trim JUST on corner pieces. Damned cool curved corners!)

And after throwing up some quarterround, we were done!

I can't believe how much BIGGER the window looks all trimmed out. I LOVE it. I don't want to put the curtains back on and cover it up I love it so much.

But we weren't completely done yet.

We moved the old stove out and measured for our level tile lines

And then sanded down all the paint to make things a little rougher so the thinset stuck better

And NOW we were ready to start tiling


Anonymous said...

Are you milling the curved corner trim pieces yourself? Can you? I forget the past post where you explained all this...sorry :\

meryl rose said...

I WISH would could mill them ourselves, that would be AWESOME! Unfortunately we're not that talented :( A local lumber yard carries the trim because it's specific to the area (and in fact called "Oakland Trim") so we just have to suck it up and spend a lot :( but it's worth it to keep the house in it's original style